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IntroductionThe remarkable and sturdy miniatures of Bones4 and Bones5 have garnered the admiration of a diverse community of board game enthusiasts. The miniatures crafted from Bones material ar...
Discover the World of Bones Miniatures!
Eastar is a leading professional board game manufacturer, proudly equipped with its own cutting-edge plastic factory and advanced printing facilities.As a prominent player on Kickstarter & Gam...
Professional Board Game Manufacturer & Partner with Top Global Companies
It has almost been a year since we participated the last Essen Spiel Expo which is an impressive journey to the largest board game convention in the world. And this October 5-8, we are so excite...
Attend Board Game Expo In Essen Spiel 2023
This summer in Indianapolis, one of the most exciting tabletop gaming convention is just around the corner at Gen Con 2023 exhibition. To be one of the tabletop game industry fans as well as...
Exhibition Preview As a Board Game Manufacturer At Gen Con 2023
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