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With great attention and care, Eastar is excited to announce that we have everything ready for Gen Con! We have made all the necessary arrangements, including setting up a private, cust...
Let's Explore The Valuable Samples Of Eastar's Innovative Ideas
Since its release in 1995, Catan has been a highly acclaimed strategy game among players. Originally published by KOSMOS, the game has undergone multiple versions and has become one of the mo...
Catan Finds A Place In Hearts Of The Members In Board Game Club At Eastar
Eastar, the incredibly renowned board game manufacturer, is eagerly preparing for the immensely awaited Gen Con 2023 event. Following an incredibly triumphant showcase at the esteemed Essen Spie...
Triumphant Team Wishes For Gen Con 2023
Welcome, adventurers! Prepare for an enthralling journey through The Castles of Burgundy: Special Edition! Eastar proudly commends the game's triumph with an impressive 9.2 average rating ...
Board Game Lovers Shows Enthusiasm For The New Edition Of Castles Of Burgundy
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