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Gathering with the most passionate board game enthusiasts from around the globe, the Essen Spiel 2023 convention in Germany is an event that we eagerly anticipate. As a board game manufacturer, E...
Mid-Autumn Festival Wishes for Success at Essen Spiel 2023
As a highly regarded board game maker, Eastar is constantly working to push the limits of board game manufacturing. In the previous section, we presented the innovative game pieces and environmenta...
Play Beyond Limits, We Manufacture for You
As a professional board game manufacturer, Eastar is dedicated to improving our manufacturing capabilities and techniques. We are excited to announce that this year, Eastar will be showc...
Manufacturing & Inspiring the Art of Game Creativity
As one of China's top board game makers, Eastar has consistently been dedicated to exploring sustainable development in the board game pieces manufacturing for our clients. Our dedication...
Eastar's Sample Box 2023: A Clear Demonstration of Our Commitment to Sustainable Development
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