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Frequently Asked Questions
If I wanna do box-shaped wooden fittings, what kind of material should be used? + -

Generally speaking, there are many different types of wood, and the wood itself determines the quality of the finished wood product. No specified material, we will recommend pine. Pine is selected in the box-shaped wooden fittings because of its relatively lightweight, yellowish color and fluffy texture.

Click here to know more about wooden board game components: https://www.eastarboardgame.com/Board-game-news/315/How-Many-Wooden-Board-Game-Components-Can-Eastar-Make

If we need a splicing punchboard, what are some suggestions for making it? + -

A Punchboard of the splicing type is used usually because there is a large area that needs to be unrolled.

There are three splicing methods in splicing. The first is to use punchboards of the same size for splicing. The second kind of shared template is for small tokens that do not make up for the lack of space, especially square, right triangle, and hexagonal tokens. The third is similar to the splicing of the game board, which does not completely disconnect the board.

Usually, the second method is the most used, which requires that the token's background color be consistent and that at least one edge is connected to the punchboard when using this method.

If you want to know more, please click: https://www.eastarboardgame.com/Board-game-product...

Would it be better to add edging to the game board? + -

Usually, it is.

Adding edging can help increase the durability of the game board, especially to make the corners less prone to delamination. In addition, edging can hide its material structure from the game board, which looks more beautiful.

Of course, the use of edging will increase the thickness of the corners of the game board, which is not suitable for a game board that pursues uniform thickness. You can refer to the punchboard as a game board without edging.

Also, if you request to make a game board with edging added, then its production cost will also increase.

If you want to know more about board game components, please click: https://www.eastarboardgame.com/Board-game-product...

What information do we need to exchange with Eastar before a board game manufacturing project begins? + -

We will ask you for some of the following information:

If there are functional requirements?

Do you have specific requests for the tests?

Do you need us to provide you with material certification or test reports?

If not, we will offer you some professional suggestions based on our experience.

If possible, please let us know the final exported destination and the applicable age so we can make tests according to the local rules and regulations of shipping address.

How many samples does Eastar expect us to provide for your manufacturing reference? + -

We hope you can provide at least two samples.

It will help us to calculate more accurate prices while shortening the quotation time. Or is it possible to provide us with products of a similar level for our comparative analysis?

If possible, please provide two physical samples or similar products so that we can compare them when quoting.

Please contact us for more related content: https://www.eastarboardgame.com/Board-game-quotation

Do you have specific requirements for packaging and assembly? + -

Yes, Eastar will provide you with professional suggestions based on our experience.

The final packaging includes shipping with loose cartons or shipping with pallets.

Due to the turbulent and vibrated issues during the transportation, palletized cargo is suggested.

You can learn more here: https://www.eastarboardgame.com/Board-game-production...

How will Eastar deal with issues about the third-party inspection? + -

If your product needs to be inspected by a third party during mass production, please inform us in advance of the inspection time, inspection standard, inspection quantity, and other basic information, and we will arrange it for you one by one.

If you have more needs, you can communicate with us at any time. Eastar will provide you with effective suggestions for different situations.

If you want to know more, please click on the relevant links on Eastar's official website: https://www.eastarboardgame.com/Board-game-production-procedures

Can Eastar provide relevant quotation information in time according to our samples? + -

We know this is your existing product, could you please send us the detailed specs and 3D drawing so we can calculate the price more accurately.

For the plastics, please send us the STP files so we can evaluate the rationality of the design.

If you want to know more about Eastar, please click: https://www.eastarboardgame.com/Board-game-production...

Normally, what kind and quantity of samples will Eastar provide? + -

Please let us know the quantity for the white samples/digital samples/final production samples during the project process.

Normally we will provide 2 sets of white samples, 1 set of digital samples, and 1 set of final production samples.

If you want to know more about Eastar, please click: https://www.eastarboardgame.com/Board-game-making-experience

What measures will Eastar provide to deal with the loss of board games during transportation? + -

Normally we will prepare the spare parts for our clients with the detailed quantity for each shipping lane.

Please inform us of your specific requirements in advance, like the number of spare parts, and the quantity of the whole set or not required.

Normally the spare parts will be around 0.2% of the total order quantity.

If you would like to learn more, please click here: https://www.eastarboardgame.com/Board-game-production-procedures

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