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Frequently Asked Questions
Which ports are the goods generally shipped from? + -

We have 5 factories located in Guangdong and Zhejiang Provinces, so you can ship from our Shanghai or Ningbo Port if your project is manufactured by our factory in the Zhejiang province. If your project is produced by our Guangdone providence factory, we can ship from the Shenzhen or Yantian port.

What is Eastar's MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)? + -
Card game3000 copies
Board game1500 copies
Miniature game1500 copies
Jigsaw puzzles1500 pieces
Trading card game1500 copies
Game accessories only1500 pieces

What are the prototype and production processes for miniatures manufacturing? + -

Our quality control process for the miniature starts from the file modification process. During this process, our senior engineer will help you deepen the details in each sculpt, fill the undercuts, tweak the poses based on your 3D files, and finally reduce cuts (while ensuring details aren't sacrifice). 

We use the best material for each process, such red wax, PU wax, and high quality molds, which is the key to the final details of miniatures. Our specific PVC material makes key sculpt details more prominent, while our new injection machines can ensure consistent quality and precision.

During the final miniature assembly process, each miniature is checked before they are packed into the trays or boxes. With our 12-member Quality Control team, Eastar inspects all products according to AQL to ensure quality of products before palletization and shipment.

For videos of our miniature processes, you can check out our home page here:

Will you provide production samples before mass production? Can you create prototypes for our project? + -

a. Yes we do! We believe that production samples are one of the key items to ensure a 100% quality rate. 

b. If you place an order with us before your crowdfunding campaign, up to 3 free copies of high quality, digital printed board game prototypes can be offered to support your Kickstarter, Gamefound, Indiegogo, or Backerit campaign. 

Once your campaign is completed and your final project's specifications are submitted to us, we will begin production. Following, we will provide a free blank sample, a pre-production sample (known as a PPS), and a first production copy (known as a FPC). 

Alternatively, if you place an order directly to our retail and distribution line, we can begin the production processes right away. 

For more order information of our production processes and quality control system, please refer to the link:

How fast can we get answers and solutions for our project or upcoming project? + -

For each project, you have not only a designated Project Manager, but your own independent team including 1-2 Industrial Engineers and 1 Quality Engineer to work collectively on your project. For communication, we typically communicate via email and can offer open communication through Discord, Skype, Google meet, Wechat, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc to make updates and inquiries easy for you. 

On average, you can expect a response from our team within 30 minutes during the workdays. Upon receival of orders placed, we will come back to you with the project timeline, including each game component's manufacturing timeline, within 2 workdays. Whenever there are problems or additional needs, you can always reach out to your project manager and receive a response quickly. As well, if you are not happy with how obstacles or issues are solved, you can always contact our CEO, David at: 

For more service information, please refer to:

Will prototype and production timelines be disrupted during the pandemic? + -

We currently operate 5 factories located in Guangdong and Zhejiang Provinces, which means we have much bigger manufacture capacities and regional strengths against the pandemics risk.

Despite all the recent challenges, Eastar has been able to provide 100% on time delivery in the past 9 months and we strive to maintain this excellent record. Please click the link for more information on our manufacturing procedures.

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