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Introducing Our New Machine for Sprue Craft Miniatures

Release Time: 2024.06.28     Clicks: 151

We are thrilled to announce the addition of state-of-the-art machine to our production line, specifically designed to enhance the quality and efficiency of sprue craft miniature manufacturing. This new equipment represents a significant advancement in our capabilities, ensuring that we can meet the growing demands and expectations of our clients with greater precision and speed.


Enhanced Production Capabilities:

The new machine offers several advantages that will greatly benefit our production process:

  • Increased Frame Size Capacity:

   Regular Size: 250x300mm

   Maximum Size: 300x450mm (despite the higher mold cost and production challenges, this allows for more extensive and intricate designs)

  • Precision Tooling for Smaller Sizes:

   Standard Smallest Size: 150x200mm

   Smaller Sizes: Possible, though higher costs may apply due to limited sculpt capacity

  • Optimized Draft Angles:

   Preferred Minimum Draft Angle: 1 degree (with variations depending on product size)

Improved Test Shots and Revision Handling

Our new machine supports both aluminum and steel molds, each with distinct benefits:

Aluminum Molds:

  •   Advantage: Fast production cycles and lower costs

  •   Disadvantage: Non-adjustable with shorter lifespan

Steel Molds:

  •   Advantage: Adjustable details with extended lifespan

  •   Disadvantage: Longer production cycles and higher costs

This flexibility allows us to accommodate changes and feedback on test shots efficiently, particularly with steel molds, ensuring that we can refine and perfect the final product to your specifications.

Compatibility with Preferred File Formats

The machine seamlessly integrates with industry-standard file formats, specifically:

  • Preferred Format: STP

  • Alternative Format: STL

By accepting these formats, we ensure a smooth and efficient handover process, minimizing the risk of errors and delays.

Expert Draft Work and Sculpt Conversion

Our experienced team is ready to handle any necessary draft work once designs are handed over. Given the expertise of your sculptor from Games Workshop, if the draft angles are pre-modified, our team will review and proceed with molding. Otherwise, we will make the necessary adjustments to meet mold requirements, optimizing the sculpting process for plastic conversion.

Versatile Plastic Width Specifications

The new machine can handle a range of plastic widths, maintaining high-quality standards:

  • Thickest: 5mm

  • Thinnest: 2mm

Maintaining uniform thickness is crucial to prevent shrinkage or burrs, ensuring the durability and precision of each miniature.

Comprehensive Handover Requirements

To ensure a seamless transition from design to production, please provide the following information:

  • Clay files with Level of Detail (LOD) and numbered components

  • Alignment planes

  • Checklist of tooling requirements

  • List of duplicated or mirrored parts for easier tooling setup

  • Indication of whether the model is glue-fit or push-fit

  • Frame size and intended packaging size

Material Flexibility: HIPS and ABS

Our new machine is equipped to work with both HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) and ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene):

  • ABS: Preferred for thinner parts with less detail

  • HIPS: Ideal for detailed and thicker parts due to lower shrinkage rate

Competitive Conversion and Tooling Costs

We offer competitive rates for conversion and tooling:

  • Conversion Cost: $300 per sculpt for creating drawings, no additional cost if provided in STP format;

  • Tooling Cost: Same for HIPS and ABS if the structures are similar;

Efficient Shot Cost Estimation

Shot cost per sprue is determined based on product structure, thickness, number of parts per mold, and cuts. To provide an accurate quote, we recommend submitting specific drawings.

In summary, our new machine for sprue craft miniatures enhances our production capabilities, ensuring higher quality, precision, and efficiency. We are excited to bring this advanced technology to our clients, helping to create exceptional miniatures that meet the highest standards.

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