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Creative Dice which sparks your great ideas

Release Time: 2024.03.15     Clicks: 442

How many dice types do you know?

We always are curious about random events, rolling dice and shouting “Game on” is a great zeal for gamers. As you know, dice can be applicable for many occasions, so how many dice types do you know at present? As a professional custom dice manufacturer, let me introduce the dice types to you.

Various materials can be used for dice, so you can see metal dice, acrylic dice, wooden dice, stone dice, resin dice, etc. Besides this, Id like to share some special shapes for you that we have ever seen. 

The skull's dice and the dice design match your game mechanics, which is an immersive game experience. I have played a few basic games and complex games, but the dice didnt give me much more user experience maybe relatively with its cost. If the game are deluxe edition, more user experience may give you more premium, and the dice design is the most important portion, as the picture shows.

skull's dice.jpg

Image soure: internet

The other kind of dice is the luminous dice, which can light up in the darkness. We have produced some games like this, but due to NDA, I cant share them here. But I want to tell you that you have the imagination. I'll do the rest, we're accountable for turn your dreams into reality.

luminous dice.jpg

Image soure: internet

If youre exploring the electronic game solutions, look at here. Whats a cool thing? The electronic game board matches cool-lit dice. Let the game become a great visual feast. Combating, screaming, music, All the sounds melted together to make a scene lively, I cant wait to experience those games. Those who have ideas dont forget to share them with us or select us as a manufacturer, I have a great passion for that and I want to be a great loyaler for your game. 

electronic dice.jpg

Image soure: internet

How many sides do dice have

Usually, we have 4 sides, 6 sides, 8 sides, 12 sides, etc, some custom dice may appear irregular in shape, with different colors, and different materials. In a world, it just depends on your designs. If you have some visionary designs, dont panic, as a professional custom dice manufacturer, give us some time and cost, and we can do it. 

What are dice made out of

The most common types of plastic dice are acrylic and resin, the metal and wooden can also be shaped into dice.

As for the plastic dice manufacturing process, we usually divide it into 8 steps: Proofing→Molding→Injection→Polishing→Oiling→Airing→Polishing→Packaging, you can change your mind before samples are confirmed, this time is the cheapest time for changing. After that, you need to care more about the quality of the dice.

Whats special about making resin dice?

The resin dice need more time because its production needs more handmade. The cost would be higher, but if your game aims at the high-end market, maybe the resin dice can make your game more colorful and vibrant. You can see the examples like that there are moving eyes in the dice, Liquid dice, and flowing sandy dice. Whats a cool thing?

Resin Dice.jpg

In the end, thats all the dice production solutions I want to share today. I hope that can spark your imagination in your game design and expect to explore more possibilities with all of you.

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