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One of the carbon and eco-friendly production solutions for your tabletop game manufacturing

Release Time: 2024.03.08     Clicks: 444

Why we provide low carbon and eco-friendly production solutions

A BBC reporter combed through climate data over the years and found that hot weather has become more frequent year on year over the past 40 years, with the number of days with highs above 50C° Celsius doubling, and the number of regions experiencing such extremes increasing.

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Integrated Assessment of the Status of Climate Change (IAASC) report states that if all possible emissions scenarios are realized, the global temperature rise will reach 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2040. Along with the effects of rising global temperatures, the ice and snow will begin to melt on both poles, sea levels will rise, extreme weather will become more frequent around the globe, viruses will spread unchecked, and a host of other undesirable shadows. This will also happen earlier if emissions are not reduced in the coming years. Therefore, low-carbon emission reduction environmental protection, and promoting sustainable development is our duty-bound responsibility at the moment.

Which eco-friendly solutions do we ever have

As one of the participants in the concept of sustainable development, Eastar is committed to the development of eco-friendly alternatives or solutions in all ports of production. Such as soluble hydrolyzed inks for printings, biodegradable plastics, FSC-recognized wood, paper tape instead of heat-shrink packaging, pulp trays, etc., which we have given you a detailed introduction in the first part of the 2023 Sample Box. Today we will focus on pulp trays.

The introduction of pulp tray

Pulp tray, full name is pulp molding products. Using renewable plant fibers made of pulp through a specific mold by vacuum adsorption molding and heat rectification, then get a new type of eco-friendly product. In recent years, with the upgrading of eco-friendly product solutions, it is also common to see pulp trays replacing plastic trays, and packaging solutions, and widely used in the production process of board games. The raw materials for pulp trays come from bamboo pulp, wood pulp sugarcane bagasse, etc. Different origins of raw materials deeply affect the appearance of product molding. We will match the raw materials from different countries and regions to meet the appearance and quality requirements of different products.

 The technological introduction of pulp tray production

Pulp tray is mainly divided into 3 kinds of process, for high-quality appearance requirements, we will give priority to the wet pressing process, such as Apple's cell phone case, 2023 sample box of Eastar:

Wet Pressing Process_Backside.pngWet Pressing Process_Front Side.png

If you are looking for both cost-effective and the high-quality appearance, we would recommend a semi-dry press process:

Semi-dry press_Front side.pngSemi-dry press_Back side.png

If the cost performance is the most critical thing and the appearance is not important to you, we will recommend the process of dry-pressing, appearance visual as follows:


Compared to plastic trays, pulp trays would be better eco-friendly, resilient, and load-bearing capacity, especially the wet pressing process of the product, the appearance will be better, but dont forget that the finial choice is reliance on your budget.

The pulp tray factory introduction of Eastar

If the pulp tray is the first choice for your work, you may take a look at the pulp tray factory of Eastar. Our pulp tray factory has more than 20 years of production experience, set mold development, and production as a whole, with the strength of pulp tray production of the whole process of incubation. The company has an independent pulp tray production of a pulping system line of 6 sets, 2 sets of sampling systems, and 7 different pulp tray products that can make the mass-produced at the same time come true. With 36 sets of molding equipment, 2,400 meters of suspension drying line, and 80 sets of shaping equipment, 1 set of back-end trimming, V-groove, rotary cutting equipment. and corresponding testing equipment and instruments; the daily production capacity of white high-quality dry-pressing products is 50,000PCS, the daily production capacity of white high-quality wet-pressing products is 300,000PCS, the daily production capacity of black high-quality dry-pressing products is 50,000PCS, and the daily production capacity of black high-quality wet-pressing products is 200,000PCS. Other customized products in special colors can be matched according to your specific needs.

The production suggestions for your decision-making

As a high-end eco-friendly product, pulp tray is affected by the mold manufacturing cycle, and technological process, and its cost will be higher. If you want to be a member of low-carbon and environmental protection, and the market expectation of your product is good, the first order quantity is more than 20,000 sets, we will recommend you choose pulp-tray production; if cost is your first choice, and the first order quantity is less than 20,000 sets, no matter how your production factory said, do not choose them. In addition, the production period of the pulp tray is relatively long, you need to reserve sufficient time for your factory to affect your production process.

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