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Tips For Saving Money During The Wooden Board Game Pieces Manufacturing Process

Release Time: 2024.02.07     Clicks: 208

In our last article, we introduced the cost of raw materials for wooden board game pieces, so, in this article, lets continue to explore the secrets of saving money.

First, I will introduce the wooden board game pieces manufacturing process for you. After cutting the raw material, the next we need to debug the machine for laser engraving. Various shapes can be shaped here. Currently, we can engrave at least 5mm sheet material. Dont worry, even though 16mm sheet material we can also hold on to it. The cost reply on the different thicknesses. So the thickness of wooden board game pieces is just right for your game is enough. 

Then, we need to paint those engraved wooden board game pieces. The coloring process is divided into 2 types, small game pieces, and big ones. The game pieces are smaller, the painting time will be more longer, and the price will be higher. Another knowledge is that the light color will be more expensive because it will take more time. We usually use roller to paint the small game pieces, but for the big ones such as Box, we often by japanning. Don't worry, were a manufacturing company that focuses on sustainable development. The wastewater generated in our coloring is treated and purified by professional processes. 

When we finished the basic painting, we needed to print the design into wooden board game pieces. Usually, we have four technologies In our factory: heat-transfer printing, screen printing, hot stamping, and UV printing. There, Ill tell you the secret of different technology. If youd like to choose colorful printings for wooden game pieces, heat-transfer printing, and UV printing is suitable for you. UV printing can provide you with a concave and convex texture, and the price will be higher. Screen printing and hot stamping are not suitable for colorful printings, but hot stamping can also provide you with a concave and convex texture. The technology is more complex, the higher the price. As a manufacturer, It is our responsibility to provide you the process advice.

The goal of a 100% quality rate and 100% delivery rate is always our pursuit, though the process of wooden board game pieces manufacturing is relatively simple, we also take sincerely serious about quality management. Just like we marketed, we have helped our partners gain the best quality awards for 5 years in a row. Its a great honor for us, but we will not deny that in thousands of projects, we have also had quality problems case. In our last article, I introduced the solutions of cracking, mildew, and moth. Now let me make a detailed supplement. As you know, heat-transfer printing and screen printing have to be done by hand, so the probability of making a mistake increases. The common problems are scratches, off-prints, and slight color differences. 

This requires not only highly qualified workers but also a stricter quality management process in the factory. But the level of workers and the strength of the factory also determines the operating cost of the company, and thus the difference in the level of quotation. You can choose the material cost and process solution that is more suitable for your game design, but if you just pursue too low cost of the wooden tabletop games manufacturer, the risk of needing to pay for the quality of your product will be elevated.  

In these two articles, I have initially introduced the common problems that affect the price of wood game pieces. I hope you can get a little help after reading this article. If you want to know more information, dont forget to subscribe to our blog, we will provide continuous updates.

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