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What Is The Biggest Problem With Manufacturing Tabletop Games

Release Time: 2023.12.31     Clicks: 857

According to enterpriseappstoday.com, the global board game revenue was $3.13 billion in 2022 and is expected to increase to $3.63 billion in 2023. In 2024, the revenue is expected to increase to $4.07 billion and $4.40 billion by 2025. When you back up some projects on Kickstarter or Gamefound, or buy some crazy games you ever want in stores. Have you ever thought about how its been produced in your sight? 

As you know, complex game mechanics are always full of great challenges, so is the design of the game plot, and so is the custom board game pieces production. Usually, board game accessories suppliers may be involved in dozens of factories linked, the more common accessories are: such as paper accessories, plastic miniatures, wooden accessories, cloth accessories, dice accessories, acrylic accessories, zinc alloy products, etc.; For some more complex games, it will also involve more game accessories, covering a wider range.

Usually, there are very few centralized industrial parks in the world to produce all the board game accessories within a certain area. Such as Eastar has 5 factories its located in Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces of China. When it comes to more factories, this decentralized production model will bring great challenges to the quality management and overall coordination of board game production. 


On the other hand, the market for board games in China is not fully open, and most people are not very familiar with the game mechanics of board games. For publishers, especially new ones, there is little understanding of the production side. Incomplete understanding in both directions unsurprisingly increases the difficulty of going from design to producing a perfect product. Typically, the common problem points are as follows:

1. Lack of understanding of the game, leading to inconsistent standards of understanding between the two sides;

2. Lack of focus in the information transfer process, leading to different emphasis on both sides;

3. Failure to comprehensively assess the production risk and pre-control of the risks that can exist;

4. The quality management system is not running very well; 

In the many years of manufacturing history of EASTAR, we have delivered thousands of game projects, in which we also have a few quality problems that we are ashamed of. However, to block the recurrence of similar problems, we will do a deep summary review after each project delivery. Yes, center on the 100% quality rate and 100% delivery rate, we have experienced countless changes and pushback, and these two pieces occupy too much of our energy, but we continue to improve our quality control process, everything is worth it.


It is a great honor to live up to every trust. Its our mission to help our partners to be more successful, such as to help them win the best quality awards. So far, we have helped 5 partners to win the best quality award for 5 years. Of course, there may be some points we haven't focused on, as Redzen Games shared with us that Tom Vasel picked Scarface 1920 as the #1 in his "Tom's Top 10 Game Productions of 2023" by Dice Tower; Such as the best production quality awards can also evidence that we are in the true way to achieve our goal that 100% quality rate and 100% delivery rate. What a huge inspiration.

May be an image of 5 people, video games and text that says '#1 REDZEN SCARFACE 1920 SENADESANFENA SCARFACE: 1920 Tom's Top 10 Game Productions of 2023'

When our customer says ‘Eastar is a very good partner at every stage of the order. They contact with us daily and together we quickly solve all the problems typical of such a large and complex production’, you can hardly imagine how heart-stirring us a lot. 

You might find it hard to imagine that we're still enthusiastic about gaming. In our company, Catan is the favorite of us all, and in its current form, Flamecraft tends to replace Catan. But beyond that, we have set some rules that when we decide to take on the mission of delivering a new project perfectly, we have to prioritize learning how to play it so that we are communicating and interacting with you on the same frequency. From what we've seen so far, everything is going well.

We will attend the game fair Nuremberg in next year, so if you want to talk to us about your experiences with production as well as your games, don't forget to make an appointment with us at https://www.eastarboardgame.com/News_event_id_661.html.

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