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High-quality PVC Miniatures from a Board Game Manufacturer

Release Time: 2023.10.19     Clicks: 1980

Ravaged Star shines brightly with its exceptional miniature design and top-notch final products, setting itself apart from the crowd. As the miniature supplier of Ravaged Star, Eastar prioritizes board game quality, manufacturing excellence, and valuable feedback from our partners. We are delighted to receive positive comments from satisfied customers who are genuinely impressed by the superior quality, intricate details, and substantial weight of our final miniature productions.

In Ravaged Star, the miniatures are crafted from durable and meticulously detailed PVC plastic, elevating the game's aesthetics to new heights. PVC miniatures offer exceptional quality and intricate details at a lower price compared to sprue minis. Additionally, the absence of assembly reduces the risk of incompatibility issues, ensuring a flawless final product. PVC is primarily used for the body parts, while ABS is utilized for the base, creating a harmonious combination of materials.

Eastar's meticulous manufacturing process plays a pivotal role in creating these exquisite board game miniatures, as demonstrated by our work on Ravaged Star. The stringent requirements of our clients for PVC miniatures are a testament to the exceptional quality of our work.

To ensure the highest level of quality and satisfaction for our partners, Eastar, the miniature manufacturing supplier of Ravaged Star, meticulously follows a comprehensive manufacturing process.


The process of creating these exquisite miniatures begins with file modification and confirming design details with our clients. Eastar's senior 3D designers create detailed modification data, providing clients with a clear understanding of every step of the file modification process. The next step involves wax processing, which may include using Red wax and PU wax. This is followed by molding, mold injection, and finishing with 36 German-brand injection machines. If the mold requirements do not meet our high standards, we will scrap them at any cost and reopen the mold with more refined details. Once the initial outlook is complete, casting and gluing shape the final form of the PVC miniatures. The last step involves pre-painting or sundrop to add color to the miniatures. Before being assembled for delivery, each box of miniatures undergoes a full inspection and another pre-shipment test to ensure the highest quality. Once all inspections pass our stringent quality control standards, the game pieces are ready to be showcased on a board game table.

High-detail game pieces play a crucial role in the success of board games, as they greatly enhance the overall gameplay experience. If you have any ideas for customizing your miniatures, please don't hesitate to reach out to Eastar. As one of the top manufacturers of board game pieces in China, Eastar is committed to providing clients with exceptional quality and service.

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