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Board Game Manufacturer Successfully Concludes Tabletop Convention

Release Time: 2023.10.12     Clicks: 2141

Every year, Eastar Game Manufacturing strives to raise the bar for the Essen exhibition by increasing our level of professionalism, and this year we have finally achieved it!

At Eastar, we understand that preparation is key to success. That's why our team members personally oversee all aspects of preparation before the exhibition, including material inventory and venue construction. Our booth on-site features a 100 square meter area and offers various categories of tabletop games, from family games and card games to miniature wargames. Additionally, we were interviewed by Essen Spiel, and you can enjoy a booth tour in the video below.

As avid gamers ourselves, we are driven by our passion to swiftly comprehend and grasp the essence of your games during the inquiry phase. With this in-depth understanding, we offer valuable insights and cost-effective solutions to enhance your projects. Strategic cooperation and long-term partnerships are important to us at Eastar, and we know that our commitment to quality and delivery is crucial. During this exhibition, we received valuable feedback from customers, such as issues with sample delivery and project progress time management. We welcome any opinions from you because it is these suggestions that keep the Eastar team continuously learning and growing.

After four days of hard work and dedication, the Essen event came to a perfect close. We are thrilled to announce that our Sample Box 2023 was a blockbuster on-site at Essen, which shows one of our visions, to touch customers' hearts, and come to a final realization. To express our gratitude to every client for your sincere support, we will be giving away our 2023 annual sample box. This way, you can feel the amazing production quality, inspire your innovative game ideas, and choose the best materials to suit your game from all the diverse raw materials provided in the sample box on your own. It's a great chance to introduce you to our sample box in person during our next European client visit journey. If you're interested, please feel free to contact us at service@eastarboardgame.com.

Although the Essen exhibition has ended, our tabletop game exploration journey has not. The Eastar team will embark on the European clients' visit journey next and will continue to present at the Spielwarenmesse in early 2024 with even higher standards of professionalism. Please stay tuned for our next meeting!

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