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High-Quality Sprue Craft Miniatures from Eastar Game Manufacturing

Release Time: 2023.10.07     Clicks: 1128

In the realm of miniature wargames, game players are captivated by the sprue minis for their enjoyable assembly process, unique coloring experience, and exceptional collectible value. The process of assembling and painting sprue miniatures is a source of joy and accomplishment for many game players, who find that the final product enhances the game's overall effect and experience.

As a professional board game manufacturer based in China, Eastar specializes in miniature production and has the capability to produce miniatures from a variety of materials, such as plastic, metal, and wood. In terms of sprue craft production, Eastar has developed mixed-color sprues, dual-color sprues, single-color sprues, and more. Unlike other board game manufacturers, Eastar can produce high-quality PVC miniatures with an impressive detail accuracy of 0.1mm.

The process of making sprues at Eastar is a complex one. Upon receiving the client's files, the Eastar R&D team disassembles and repairs the mold. The 3D designer then dissects the 3D model into multiple parts, adjusts and repairs the mold according to actual production needs, and ensures that the final product meets requirements. The next step involves dividing the repaired mold components into smaller parts and arranging them on a panel to obtain the final 3D mold drawing. Based on the 3D mold drawing, Eastar determines the size, screw, spring, guide post positions, etc., for subsequent processing and production. The next step is to carve the mold with precision. With the support of experienced crafting masters and machine equipment, Eastar can control the final mold's accuracy within an astonishing 0.1mm. After the carving is complete, Eastar installs the complete set of molds on the injection molding machine to perform a trial run to check whether the mold's quality and performance meet the final requirements.


In terms of sprue production, Eastar can produce not only single-color miniatures but also uniquely styled mixed-color and dual-color miniatures. While injection molding machines on the market typically only offer one color option, Eastar can use a dual-color injection molding machine to produce mixed-color miniatures, where clients can customize any two colors they desire. Eastar's dual-color miniature production process is also unique and involves using a spray painting method to add color.

If you are interested in mixed-color and dual-color miniatures, do not hesitate to contact our team at any time. In our next article, we will discuss in detail how PVC material is used to make miniatures with cost savings, assembly time savings, and high detail accuracy, making them highly attractive for wargame miniature players.

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