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A Great Start At Gen Con 2023

Release Time: 2023.08.02     Clicks: 995

Since its release in 1995, Catan has been a highly acclaimed strategy game among players. Originally published by KOSMOS, the game has undergone multiple versions and has become one of the most classic and well-known family games. Its intriguing trade and resource-collecting system has attracted a vast number of players and has earned it the title of German Game of the Year and the top spot in the German players' choice awards.

As a professional board game maker, Eastar has not only delved deep into the production technology of board games but also has its unique perspective on each gameplay experience. Catan is the first game that we promote in our weekly Wednesday Game Night activities because its fascinating gameplay strategy design makes every member of Eastar game team enjoy the game thoroughly. It has not only attracted our experienced game players but also new members, making it undoubtedly one of the most popular games in our company.


Catan, as a resource-collecting and trading game, provides players with an excellent opportunity to communicate. During resource trading, players can quickly get to know each other and build relationships, which is undoubtedly a killer feature at unfamiliar gatherings. Compared with other games, the atmosphere in Catan is more peaceful, although there may be some monopolies or destruction in the game, there is no intense conflict between players. Every new member of Eastar learns to play Catan together and becomes a game partner and friend in the process. After the game ends, we also exchange experiences and opinions. From the perspective of board game players, our members share gameplay strategies and insights with each other. As a board game maker, we also exchange optimization plans for component costs and problem products. This makes us more professional and better able to understand customers' real needs when providing game production suggestions.

Two days before the beginning of the Gen Con 2023, the Eastar team had already immersed themselves in the world of games. We are delighted to have the opportunity to play the game and exchange ideas with excellent Catan game players from all over the world. This undoubtedly marks an excellent start for us at Gen Con 2023.

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