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Eastar Celebrates The Castles of Burgundy: Special Edition's Triumph with 9.2 BGG Rating!

Release Time: 2023.07.21     Clicks: 1358

Welcome, adventurers! Prepare for an enthralling journey through The Castles of Burgundy: Special Edition! Eastar proudly commends the game's triumph with an impressive 9.2 average rating on Board Game Geek. Gather your friends and dive into this captivating world!

The Castles of Burgundy, a timeless Eurogame by Stefan Feld, earned its place as one of the most influential board games in the past decade.

In 2023, Ravensburger and Awaken Realms collaborated on a meticulously polished Special Edition, paying homage to the game's illustrious legacy.


Experience unparalleled gaming with captivating gameplay, enhanced components, and exquisite craftsmanship.

Become an esteemed aristocrat managing a small princedom, constructing magnificent settlements, engaging in trades, and seeking wisdom.

To conquer this thrilling game, strategically accumulate points, harness resources, and expand your dominion.

With 3D miniatures, extra features on cardboard tiles, and clearer color distinctions, the Special Edition enhances both gameplay and quality.

At Eastar, we strive to exceed expectations and create unforgettable gaming adventures.

We take great pride in refining our products to meet and exceed the expectations of board game enthusiasts, ensuring that each gaming session is an unforgettable adventure.

As esteemed partners in game manufacturing, we celebrate The Castles of Burgundy: Special Edition's triumph and look forward to more remarkable games.

Greetings, esteemed game enthusiasts! Join us in crafting gaming experiences that transcend expectations and leave a lasting impact on players worldwide. Share your innovative ideas, and let's embark on this exciting journey of creativity and innovation together!

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Congratulations to Castle! As a loyal player of Castle, I'm glad this game continues improving. And thanks to Eastar for bringing such high quality to this game. It has greatly improved my gaming experience.
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Stunning pieces! CoB is already a 10.
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