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Board Game Dice Manufacturing Technology For Custom Ball Dice Set

Release Time: 2023.05.25     Clicks: 187

Making a set of custom ball dice is actually quite different from simply making standard six-sided dice (d6) or multiple-shaped dice with different numbers of sides (e.g., d4, d8, d10, d12, d20). Board game dice manufacturing typically involves several steps, including design, prototyping, tooling, production, and quality control. Do you want to know how a custom ball dice set is made by a board game company? Here are some insights you definitely not want to miss when consider producing your own custom board game dice set.

What Features Make The Ball Dice So Unique?

The first thing comes into your mind must be the difference of shape compared to the most common D6 dice. While yes this is the priority and also why we need to have more complex board game dice manufacturing procedures for custom ball dice set. Normally the multiple-shaped dices are made only with one material, as you can choose from PVC, marble, resin or polyhedron materials. However, unlike making the standard multiple-shaped dices, a ball dice is more complex for consisting of one inner steel ball and covered with the outer PVC layer. Actually the inner design can be customized all depends On Your Inquiry.

Each time when you throw a ball dice, the unpredictable falling off positions should have the same physical impact to the final result just as exactly as a common D6 dice does. And from the perspective of a game player, of course the fair chance of getting each side would matter the most. So as a result to ensure both the physical mechanism working well and the final board game dice product meeting the original graphic design, there are lots of sample tests need to be conducted for a board game company during the quality control process when making the custom ball dice set.

Sample Tests For The PU Sample And Mass Production Ball Dice Set

Once the initial custom ball dice set design is finalized, prototypes are first created which are usually made using 3D printing or other rapid prototyping techniques to create physical PU samples of the ball dice in order to test the functionality. During this step within the board game company, the effort on investing time for sample tests varies quite a lot. In our recent test experiment for each ball dice set, at least 5,000 times of tests are conducted for each custom ball dice for our client. And before we can get the ideal test result, the test will be repeated over thousands of times and constant board game dice manufacturing adjustments will make until the set of dice is qualified for mass production process. All the tests all finished by human test to ensure the accurate of the final report. 

Strict Quality Control For Each Ball Dice Set

It is only after the first round of PU sample test result is confirm by clients, will the mass production of board game dice manufacturing begins. The production process begins with the preparation of the material used for the dice, usually a type of plastic called acrylic or resin. The material is melted and injected into the mold under high pressure. Once the plastic cools and solidifies, the mold is opened, and the dice are ejected. This process can be automated with the help of injection molding machines for large-scale production.

Then each all dice set will go through a quality control process to ensure that they meet the required specifications from our clients as well as meet our high-quality standard as a board game company. This includes checking for any defects, measuring dimensions, and testing the balance and fairness of the dice rolls. Specifically for making the custom ball dice set, another round of production test will be conducted to ensure after the painting of colors the physical rolling result remain as exactly the same. 

For Anyone Who Are Outsourcing Your Partner Board Game Company

If you are considering to outsource the board game dice manufacturing to specialized board game company with the equipment and expertise to produce high-quality custom ball dice set in large quantities. We are willing to offer additional customization options, such as custom colors, finishes, or unique shapes, to meet the specific requirements of yours unique board game >>Contact Us

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