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Exciting News to Share - The Board Game Community is Officially Up Now

Release Time: 2023.04.18     Clicks: 729

With the expectation to be more closely connected with people who hold the passion and love for board game production, we are excited to announce that the upgrade of Eastar Community is launched on our website this April.

In this renewal, the previous News section is transformed into a brand new Eastar Community to provide users an easier way to involve and access information on board game manufacturing. Apart from including news articles into blog listing, we have also added Forum section and Event section in Eastar Community to make our website more navigable and user-friendly.

What are the unique features can users expect in Eastar community?

1) Blog section

Users are encouraged to post comments after reading the blog articles and can easily share any article to their social media posts or refer the link to friends. Based on all the news articles posted before, the content in our blog listing will be more focused on in-depth section of each board game manufacturing process.

Through the updating content sharing on blog postings, Eastar hopes to provide our current and prospective clients with not only project-based board game manufacturing service, but also build a long-time partnership to help clients make more extensible and personalized board games.

2) Forum section

There are many interesting topics to be discussed on the forum to inspire users for board game design and manufacture. Do you have incredible ideas about making board games and look forward to meet people who might be your partner of board game manufacturing? Or, do you just begin your journey of researching board game production and still have so many questions want to ask? 

No matter the topics you want to talk about is relevant to specific details on board game accessories manufacturing or you would rather care more about macro questions on packaging and logistics service, etc. We want to create this forum for users to find exactly what they are looking for.

3) Event section

The unique features contained in the event section can further break up into Research part, Exhibition Preview part, First Production Approve part and Humanities Interview part.

Everyone is welcomed to get involved through the online research and interview part to provide precious suggestions for us. Apart from high-quality board game accessories, cost-efficiency and on-time delivery service which are commonly be discussed, what other concerns do you have when choosing the board game manufacturing partner? We care about all the feedback from the users and will be constantly updating our website content with useful information on board game manufacturing.

Besides, don’t forget to follow up and join our Exhibition Preview. We will share our events here, like when and how we will go to worldwide exhibitions. We would look forward to meet you in person in the Gen Con Indy and Essen Spiel 2023.

How to join in Eastar Community?

1) Register now to take participation in Eastar Community today.

It is only one step for signing up an Eastar Community account on our website, just register with your email address and confirm it to get everything ready.


2) Login and start to share great board game ideas and communicate with amazing people in Eastar Community!

Eastar will continue to enrich and improve the contents in the Eastar Community on our website. And your support is very important to us and is sincerely appreciated. You are very welcomed to leave a message for us or just simply fill a quick survey about tabletop game manufacturing questionnaire.

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Looking forwar to the 2023 exhibition!
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Very useful information to get from the factory tour guide video!
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