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The Best Memory in Visiting the Board Game Manufacturing Factory in China

Release Time: 2023.04.13     Clicks: 7488

In the first week of April, we are so delighted to invite our guests from overseas to visit Eastar manufacturing factory in China. This is a very precious opportunity for both parties to know more about the demand for building long-term collaboration in board game manufacturing. With sincere gratitude and passion, a group of the professional staff of Eastar team accompanied our guests to visit the board game manufacturing factories in Guangzhou province and Zhejiang province in a 3-days business trip.

In order to provide our guests with the best experience on the trip, we deployed a project team several weeks before to ensure everything goes smoothly and is organized well. From the preparation of booking flights and accommodation to the whole schedule of visiting different workshops in all the factories in various locations. All the effort made is our attitude and determination to show the ultimate customer experience for the potential partners to see that we are a trustful board game manufacturer.

Through the visit, our guest speaks highly of Eastar manufacturing factories with advanced machines and well-organized and efficient workshops. We are glad to accompany the tour guide on how these high-quality board game components are manufactured at the line of these workshops. 

In the miniature manufacturing factory-Dongguan Boyuan Eastar Co., Ltd, we start the routine from the graphic design lab where the File Modification is done to help clients confirm every detail of the miniature design graphic before the wax process could start. Then at the molding workshop, we witnessed how the mass production of miniatures is made by the 26 German-brand injection machines. After the initial outlook of these miniatures is ready, they will be sent to casting and gluing for the final shape. The last step to finish is pre-painting or sundrop to color the board game miniatures. Before they are ready to be assembled for delivery, a full inspection and another pre-shipment test will be done for each box of the miniatures at the non-dust assemble workshop.

After visiting the miniature manufacturing factory, we also went to the printing factory-Zhejiang Eastar Game Manufacturing Co., Ltd where we can make various paper-based board game components including game boxes, playing cards, punch boards, rule books, etc. Following the typical game box manufacturing process, which actually involves very complex steps including the R&D department and Test Room to ensure the quality of paper and the details of blank sample is ready for mass production. Our factory is equipped with 6 German Heidelberg Printing Machines, 6 Finishing Machines, 15 Robst Machines, 6 Rigid Box Forming Machines and 2 Auto Raw Material Cutting Machines used for board game printing, die cutting, lamination, embossing, bronzing process. To only manufacture the best quality board games, all the game boxes will be inspected through Daheng Image Inspection Machine to check the color and graphics are correctly printed. All the process is followed by the quality-control system to ensure clients can expect the best final board game products.

Each piece of these board game components is manufactured under strict quality-control management with highly responsible project managers and all the front-line co-workers. It is always our goal to only make the best quality board games for the clients to help them achieve a big success in bringing board game ideas into reality. And we will continuously work hard to improve and pay attention to every detail to be the most reliable board game manufacturing partner.

The trip to accompany our guests to visit the miniature manufacturing factory and board game printing factory is a precious memory for us to remember the friendship. We wish all the best for our guests and to enjoy the trip to China. We welcome anyone with the passion and love for making their own board games to contact us and visit our board game manufacturing factories.

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I am half way in the process to mass production my game, do you have more introduction for the board game manufacturing and sample?
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That is exciting to have the opportunity to visit a factory in China
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