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Congratulations to All Winners of The 2022 BGR Meeple's Choice Awards!

Release Time: 2023.04.07     Clicks: 9441

At the beginning of this April, we want to share the exciting news from our clients that they have won the 4th Annual Meeple's Choice Awards in different board game categories. Congratulations on the big success and Eastar is so delightful to be their board game manufacturer partner.

The Meeples Choice Awards is one of the oldest annual game awards that is presented every year by the Spielfrieks discussion group. The votes are taken each June, awarding three games that were released over the course of the previous year. 

In April 2023, our client Frostpunk: The Board Game wins the Meeple's Choice Award for both the best Production Quality and Best Solo Game; Foundation of Rome also wins in Production Quality Category; Castles of Burgundy wins in Best Crowdfunding Campaign; Flamecraft wins the Easy Going Category and be the best Casual Game. And both ISS Vanguard and Flamecraft win in best Box Cover Art Category. Congratulate all the winners of Meeple's Choice Awards again, being selected from those that received the most votes from the Spielfriek. 

1701078980940246.jpgBest Production Quality.png

The Best Production Quality and Best Solo Game Awards

One of the most impressive board game accessories in Frostpunk must be the generator cube tower miniature. Both the outlook and internal structure are designed with exquisite details. In order to precisely reflect these details, Eastar uses a whole piece of copper mold to make the generator cube tower. In addition, the small game pieces in the generator cube tower miniature are finished through professional retouching and mold adjustment in terms of pattern details. After that, through trial matching to ensure that they can fit perfectly with the generator cube tower miniature. Except for the eye-catching tower miniature, there are lots more high-quality wooden board game accessories in Frostpunk: The Board Game.


The Best Crowdfunding Campaign Award

Castles of Burgundy is a legendary board game and considered as a classic of the Eurogame genre. The 2023 special edition is coming back with an extremely polished, high-end special edition and the crowdfunding campaign is launched on gamefound with add-ons available as well. Eastar is so honoured to be the board game manufacturer partner and we will use the strictly quality-control system to ensure each of the board game accessories meets high standard requirements in this crowdfunding campaign.

222_画板 1.jpg

The Easy Going and best Box Cover Art Awards

Flamecraft is very popular among family board games with the distinguished coloured board game accessories of a group of cute fire dragons. All of Flamecraft's board game accessories are custom-made in shape and size. These include the size of the cards, the shape of the wooden tokens, the colour of the plastic miniatures and the playmat. Most of the wooden board game pieces in Flamecraft are colored, including the custom wood design of the lovely dragon meeples and heart score markers. In addition, there are up to 210 custom wooden item tokens used for playing Flamecraft to do all the tasks around the dragon world town.


We would like to express our best wishes for clients to realize their dreams and success in these most highly praised, innovative and enjoyable games that can be found in the board gaming hobby. Eastar will continuously work hard on self-improve to make more technology breakthroughs, investment on most advanced equipment in the factory workshop as well as optimization of project management systems. We always pay attention to details and being a reliable board game manufacturer for you. Please do not hesitate to leave a message for any question about us.

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Congratulations on receiving such meaningful awards!
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Congratulations to all the winners!
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