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How Miniatures are Made in A Board Game Manufacturing Factory

Release Time: 2023.02.07     Clicks: 7402

Miniature board game as we know today has a long and rich history that can originate as early as the 19th century. Whether it is plastic miniatures or metal miniatures according to specific miniature board game design, board game miniatures are attracting people by their vivid figures. As the final display of the miniature figures is influenced by its design, color, and material. There is no doubt that the manufacturing process plays an important role to make exquisite board game miniatures.

As mentioned, miniature material is one of the core elements affecting the display of board game miniatures. The common materials used in Eastar for miniature manufacturing are wooden, plastic, and metal, etc. Among them, plastic materials PVC and ABS are largely used in miniature manufacturing factories. Depending on the custom requirements for making plastic miniatures, both fixed-form board game miniatures and larger flexible ones can be made in our miniature manufacturing factory. The metal materials, in comparison, are more creative to shape the board game miniatures. And the wooden materials can meet the special design in miniature board games. If you want to know more information about cost of different kinds of materials, feel free to contact us. All inquiries are welcomed and will be replied by our professional service team here.

-Miniature-Manufacturing-Technology.jpg112233444_画板 1.jpg

After the miniature material is confirmed, you might wonder how these board game miniatures are made in the miniature manufacturing factory. Take the plastic miniatures for example, the journey in our miniature manufacturing factory includes File Modification to help clients confirm the design details, then the wax process which may use Red wax and PU wax. Next is molding and followed by mold injection which is finished by 26 German-brand injection machines. After the initial outlook is ready, casting and gluing will shape the final shape of the plastic miniatures. The last step to finish is pre-painting or sundrop to color the board game miniatures. Before they are ready to be assembled for delivery, a full inspection and another pre-shipment test are required for each box of the miniature board game.

Once all the above inspections pass our quality control standard, the board game miniatures have finished production in the miniature manufacturing factory and are ready to show their figures on a board game table. 

As a leading board game manufacturer with over 30 years of experience in the industry, Eastar dedicates to providing the most qualified board game miniatures with our advanced technology and mature quality control system in manufacturing factories to ensure every component becomes an asset for the game. We also welcome partners to pay a visit to our manufacturing factories for further cooperation. 

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