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Congratulate Eastar Clients to Win Top 10 Board Games of 2022

Release Time: 2023.01.20     Clicks: 168

By the end of 2022, we are so excited to hear that two of Eastar clients have their board games ranked in the Top 10 Board Games of 2022 on Board Game Quest.  As the board game manufacturer to work together with Fundations of Rome and Frostpunk: The Board Game, it is an affirmation for the board game products manufactured by Eastar. As the business partner, we would like to say congratulations! We are so honored to support and help in making the best board games.

The city-building board game Foundations of Rome is very engaging by putting the players into the roles of architects competing to own land and build magnificent structures, increasing renown through building domūs and insulae, fountains, and foundries. Frostpunk is a city survival game set in a disaster-type overhead in the Ice Age time where heat means life. Board game players explored this world as a leader to effectively manage the infrastructure and citizens within range. Both of the two games are so much fun to play with impressive gaming experience.

 Foundations of Rome.jpg


As a reliable board game manufacturer to our clients for years, Eastar cares about the whole manufacturing process as well as the details in board game products. As we know there is no shortcut to making the best board games, except combining qualified board game pieces into the final version of board game product. To stay competitive among board game manufacturers and making the best board game products for clients, Eastar follows a very high standard in the quality-control process throughout RFO Meet, Kick-off meeting, Pre-Production Meeting, Raw Material Inspection, Process Inspection, Final Assembly and Pre-shipment Inspection. All the materials are strictly selected to form the best board game pieces.

Eastar has always prepared with multiple choices for partners, taking the board game piece punchcard as an example. The typical material for a 2mm single-layer punchcard is 250gsm CCNB+ 900gsm greyboard+250gsm CCNB. While the double-layer punchcard has a deluxe version consisting of 250gsm CCNB+ 900gsm grey board+250gsm CCNB+900gsm greyboard+250gsm CCNB. According to the different requirements on design and budget, we provide customized solution for board game pieces.

The best board game is a cooperation result from game designer, publisher and the board game manufacturer. To review the past, Eastar has manufactured for clients on winning board game awards with custom board game products like Chronicles of Drunagor: Age of Darkness in 2022, Radlands and Assassins Creed in 2021, Dwellings of Everdale in 2020, Tainted Grail in 2019. In the future, Eastar will keep the high standard requirements aiming to produce the best board game products to help clients realize their dreams in board games.

If you are still at the early stage wondering what to except from manufacturing you board games, do not hesitate to use Eastar online tools. We have developed several tools which can be used to automatically generate design documents into printing board game pieces. These tools are easy to use and very convenient for clients to adjust specific requirements on board game products.

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