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Get a Custom Sample Box to Make Your Unique Board Game

Release Time: 2023.01.16     Clicks: 980

For any board game maker who is working in the process to visualize a great board game design from paperwork to prototype, having a custom sample box is undoubtedly a highlight. Getting custom sample box will help board game makers effectively and economically avoid making a board game that does not align with the submitted design. It’s also a good way for board game makers to conduct a quality check as a ready for the board game to be published.  

1701073846290466.jpg                  1673837715533630.jpg

Eastar custom sample box is adjustable from templates to dimensions for our full spectrum board game components. What a board game maker can expect from the Eastar custom sample box is various mixed pieces which are previously released with our VIP Sample Box, Deluxe Sample Box, Imperial Sample Box, and Mini Portable Sample Box

The VIP Sample Box is a display of our most common board game components, miniatures, and printings. The design of its outer box is a paper magnet box matched by Eastar's VI green and natural wood hues. And the magnet box is easy to open and close, which provides convenience for players to organize board game components. In comparison with the VIP Sample Box, the Deluxe Sample Box uses the black leather outer box material and mainly includes some unique and creative board game products. Upon the above two sample box versions, Eastar prepares the Imperial Sample Box which is not only a collective of the VIP Sample Box and the Deluxe Sample Box but also added some new special board game components to help board game markers obtain a more comprehensive understanding of our production. In addition, the newly released Mini Portable Sample Box is aimed to demonstrate the raw materials used to make board game components. Board game makers can compare the texture of miniatures made from different materials, like paper, plastic, wood, metal, etc. 

We appreciate all reviews on Eastar sample box, the feedback and satisfactions from our partners are Eastar Game Manufacturing's great motivation to consistently meet the high standard of board game makers :

“By the way, I got the box today that you sent. Thank you so much for sending this. This box is BRILLIANT! Just having the book that has all the different paper samples and what the GSM is on each is so, so, so helpful! And the cards with the tear corners, and the different bag! This thing is really, really great. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this box. It will really help with the decision-making process and takes the guesswork out of it. So thank you, thank you for sending that. I’m truly very appreciative!”

When creating a custom sample box, there are many factors for board game makers to take into consideration, including the design of the box, the material of dice, printing on the punch board, etc. Eastar offers board game makers a unique board game-making experience through the process of ordering a custom sample box with Eastar online tool.

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The best sample box ever, I got my custom box within 2 weeks after I reached out to Eastar! Great appreciation!
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I really like the sample box! Very qualified and well designed!
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