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Invitation for a Fantastic Visit to Eastar Manufacturing Factory

Release Time: 2023.01.11     Clicks: 1176

With high appreciation for the long-term collaboration between all board game industry partners and Eastar team, we would like to show our sincere gratitude by inviting clients who are seeking professional board game production factories in China. Aimed to be a global leading board game manufacturing supporter, we are here to provide clients with the best board game production experience.

After 3 years of COVID travel restrictions, China launched COVID-19 policy changes on lifting travel restrictions that all inbound travelers would not have to quarantine on arrival since Jan 8th, 2023. For all board game publishers or board game designers who are looking for a board game manufacturing factory in China to facilitate your unique board game ideas, traveling is no longer a thing to slow your pace. China reopens borders can be a great hint for trading and economical growth. Especially the manufacturing industry has ongoing business running oversea. Eastar Game Manufacturing is always passionately working on a full range of board game components and board game boxes. And we care about mutual communication with our clients, understanding is the base rock for generating great ideas for the best board game productions. Thus, all our stuff whether from board game quality control team, material and design team or front-line workers in factory are here to help the client to get the best board game production experience.

The best board game production experience is no doubt an essential consideration when choosing a trustworthy board game manufacturing factory to collaborate with. Located in different cities in Zhejiang Province and Guangdong Province, Eastar has 5 factories by 2023, including 6 German Heidelberg Printing Machines, 6 Finishing Machines, 15 Robst Machines, 6 Rigid Box Forming Machines, 2 Auto Raw Material Cutting Machines and 26 Injection Machines.

Know more about our board game production by visiting in factory and seeing how highly qualified board game components and board game boxes are made in the manufacturing process. 

                               1701075637488311.jpg          plastic factory.jpg

                                                                      Zhejiang Eastar Game Manufacturing Co., Ltd 55000㎡, Jiaxing, Zhejiang                                                                    Dongguan Boyuan Eastar Co., Ltd 15000㎡, Dongguan, Guangdong

By visiting in our factories and headquarter office in Ningbo. You will have convenient access to a variety of board game sample boxes and board game components at one time. Meanwhile, our board game manufacturing experts are willing to share our experience in visualizing and producing any initial board game ideas into top-rated board games among users. Feel free to reach out to us for future cooperation. Contact Us>

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Sounds so amaing, looking forward to the visit!
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Wanna book a visit to factory, How can I contact?
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