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Radlands will bring you the visual impact of punk pink

Release Time: 2023.01.03     Clicks: 1072

If anything in the world is most indispensable, it must be water. Water is the source of all things and the most important resource in the card game Radlands. It is a post-apocalyptic world where only a few survivors remain after all the devastation. And the player will play the role of this group of survivors in this world, fighting to protect their camp and resist the invasion of hostile forces. To win the final victory, the core task is how to use only water resources left in your hands. In this struggle, players cannot use any ability without the support of water resource cards. Of course, in the game strategy, we can also choose to discard some cards to obtain more favorable energy. 

As a card game, Radlands rejected a large number of cumbersome board game components and focused on the planning of card mechanisms. It has a fast pace and relies heavily on luck. It doesn't have a heavy rule book, and all the storylines and background settings are already very clear, so it's easier to get started. At the heart of the game is resource management. Not only are there only three points of water resources allocated to each person in the game, but also how the players make good use of the combined skills of these cards. Because the "garbage effect" will also be triggered when the card is discarded, which will help players rely on luck to gain more chances of winning.


In the introduction of Kickstarter, we will see the relevant introduction of all the contents of Radlands, especially the cards. It includes the three categories of camps, people, and events, as well as some special types of cards. All of its card-making materials are custom-made, derived from a material called Synth that the Roxley Team has undergone generation after generation of updates, and finally selected. Its characteristic is that it is an elastic card, which can be bent and slid end to end, and eventually it will return to its original state. So you can shuffle in any way and have a good sliding experience. Different from the artpaper-based material structure in common cards, the main feature of the Synth deck is that it adds PVC material. It's also what makes the Radlands shuffle very smooth, and it's also waterproof and spill-resistant. At the same time, it can ensure improve its service life without using sleeves.

In addition to cards, Radlands also includes two important types of board game components, tokens, and playmats used to represent water. Among them, tokens use backgammon style discs, which have both weight and quality. The playmat, it uses the commonly used neoprene and cloth material, which can reach a thickness of 2mm.

The main color of Radlands is punk pink, and it is this special and bright color that makes it stand out among many board games. Among them, punks, the most representative type of character card, is the pattern used on the cover of Radlands, and it also echoes the main color of the punk powder. Not only that, but the outer box packaging of this set of cards is also very simple and clear, and it is worth collecting. Among them, punk powder plastic inserts are used to fix the card box, making every part of the box very clear.

If you want to know more about the card game Radlands, or some types of board game accessories in this board game, you can learn about them through Eastar's official website. Learn More>

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Radlands is beginner friendly and yes, the warter resouce is vital to win :)
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