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Eastar's New Mini Portable Sample Box

Release Time: 2022.12.09     Clicks: 415

To demonstrate our tabletop game production technology more comprehensively and concretely, Eastar has produced three versions of sample boxes in 2022. And it has been exhibited at 2022 Essen Spiel in Germany. These include the VIP sample box containing common tabletop game parts, the Deluxe sample box of creative board game parts, and the full version of the Imperial Sample Box composed of large corrugated boxes. After confirming the promotion and usage intention with our customers, Eastar has collected some representative board game accessories as comprehensively as possible. Whether it is manufacturing board game components made of paper, plastic, wood, metal, or other materials, this sample box of Eastar can provide you with them. At present, a total of 500 sets of the Imperial Sample Boxes have been produced and have been mailed to Eastar customers constantly.

This time, Eastar produced a new sample box in response to our customers' needs. Compared with the previous sample box version, it is very small and portable, and mainly demonstrates the raw materials used to make tabletop game accessories. Compared with the previous version of the sample box, a lot of new content has been added. Especially for similar tabletop game accessories, samples of various materials and specifications are provided to help you compare them more intuitively.


It includes three kinds of cloth bags with the Eastar logo on different fabrics and processes, including the velvet cloth bag using the embroidery process, the canvas cloth bag using the silk screen process, and the cotton material using the heat transfer process. For greyboards, which are commonly used to make tiles, this sample box contains four different thicknesses of material, displayed in small square cubes. Next is a variety of paper products for rulebook booklets, which are displayed in coiled booklets. You will be able to see different densities of artpaper, cotton paper, and wood free paper from this small booklet. For the cards, the sample box shows customized cards of the same size and density in different materials. And the different sizes of the cards are marked on the bottom of the inside of the outer box. This sample booklet also shows you the materials of three miniatures in the form of sheets, PVC, ABS, and HIPS. At the same time, we also provide you with miniatures samples made of PVC and ABS combined materials with Sundrop technology. The sample box also includes tokens made from different types of wood, including New Zealand Pine, Beech, and Grass Tree. In addition, more contents are waiting for you to get to know them in this sample box.

If you're interested in our new sample box or want to use it as a reference for your tabletop game inspiration, you can get in touch with your dedicated project manager about it. If you want to know more, please click.

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Suprised by all the game components included!
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