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The Warmth You Can Experience Through Flamecraft

Release Time: 2022.12.02     Clicks: 1680

Flamecraft has created a magical town, where there is a group of cute fire dragons as human's good friends, and they possess magic. This is a placement board game of dragons theme, you will be able to get resource rewards by visiting new stores and performing actions on cards, and then collect as much prestige as possible. In this lively and warm world, the little fire dragon will become the player's most sought-after companion throughout the game. It will be able to use magic to help players accumulate more wealth, create miracles, and make you the ultimate victor - the flame master.

Flamecraft is a board game that is very suitable for family participation, not only because its game mechanics are very peaceful, but also because its graphics are super healing. As a card game, it uses the setting of the card library. The rules are simple but the gameplay is diverse. Flamecraft's entire game is pretty much in color, including all of its miniatures and tokens. Not only that, both the style of the pattern and the color are very gentle. The patterns are presented in the form of watercolors, with sharp outlines and overly soft colors. Therefore, its artwork is very commendable. It is precise because of the cute images of fire dragons and various warm shops on the screen that the fierce competition in the game is greatly reduced.

As the manufacturer of this healing board game, Eastar will explain all kinds of board game components in Flamecraft from the perspective of manufacturing. From the various information on Kickstarter, it can be seen that all of Flamecraft's board game components are custom-made in shape and size. These include the size of the cards, the shape of the wooden tokens, the color of the plastic miniatures, and the playmat. From the publicity and introduction of Flamecraft by various media, we are glad that while fans love its patterns, they also praise the quality of its components manufacturing. Next, I'll introduce Flamecraft's three types of board game components.


Wooden Tokens

Flamecraft includes many wooden board game components, such as custom dragon meeples, heart score markers, and item tokens. For dragon meeples, they use different shapes to represent various types of dragons. Item tokens use different shapes and colors to make the appearance of different store objects to replace the goods of these stores. These wooden game components are finished by machine drum grinding. To ensure the smoothness of the surface of the wooden board game components and the uniformity of shape and size, we have strictly controlled the grinding time. And because almost every board game component has patterns of different colors, we chose the coloring process of silk screen printing. In the production process of custom wooden board game manufacturers, the unity of color is very important, and the accuracy of color correction is a major difficulty. Polishing after painting will help these board game components look even better. I believe the wooden tokens will add more interesting content to your game time.


As a card game, Flamecraft embodies the diversity of the deck to a great extent, making each game different. Cards in the board game manufacturing of Flamecraft are mainly divided into two sizes, one is the smaller cards of various types used to build decks, and the other is larger cards representing shops. In addition, you can also get bookmarks with exquisite patterns. The focus of card game manufacturing lies in its thickness and the printing on its surface, and its surface treatment is also very important. Cards in Flamecraft have a polished finish that can add longevity to them.


Maps in Flamecraft use playmats instead of cardboard. It can not only realize arbitrary folding but also save the step of splicing maps during the preparation stage of the game. The biggest feature of the playmat in Flamecraft is that it is flat on the table in the shape of a long strip, and it is very soft. Like other playmats made by Eastar, it is also made from a combination of neoprene and fabric. The pattern printing on its surface is completed by thermal transfer printing. Correction of color and positioning of printed areas of the fabric are key points of board game manufacturers. The same detection process of board game manufacturing also increases the difficulty.


As a Chinese board game manufacturer, Eastar is proud to partner with Cardboard Alchemy and to be able to produce such an excellent board game project as Flamecraft. Eastar will continue to improve in the field of board game manufacturing, accumulate more experience in board game manufacturing, and try our best to help our customers turn board game designs into reality. If you want to know more related content, please click.

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The wooken tokens suprised me at the first glance!
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The playmat is a buff to have the best gaming experience from Flamecraft!
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