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What benefits you will be able to get in Eastar Tools

Release Time: 2022.11.22     Clicks: 5625

Eastar is constantly evolving with the times in the field of board game manufacturing. At present, while we are improving our board game manufacturing capabilities, we are also thinking about how to provide our customers with more convenience. And what I will share with you is some changes recently made by Eastar's official website. We have added Tools, which are designed to help you automatically generate professional manufacturing design documents from your printing board game components. These printing board game components include board game box, board game card, game board, punchboard, playmat, dice, and other paper board game components. At the same time, it can also help you check the standardization of your existing board game manufacturing drawings.


This website is divided into six printable sections, they are Templates, Guideline, Catalog, Preflight Profile, Export Profile, and Box Marking. The first part is the most important one, which is divided into three steps. Firstly, select your printing board game product type. And then enter the dimensions. Finally, you can download the manufacturing drawing template of your printing board game product. The Guideline in the second part will provide you with a paper guide download link. By downloading this document, you will be able to obtain clear operation guides on the use of the next two modules, the preflight profile and export profile, directly through graphic-text correspondence. If you want to view the Eastar 2022 Product Catalogue, you need to contact Eastar in time to obtain the extraction password.

If you have other questions about the use of Tools, you can get more operation guidance by referring to the video at the top of the page. Of course, if you want to ask us more questions, you can directly click on the YouTube link where this guidance video is located, and leave us a message in the comment area below this link. If you have other questions, please feel free to communicate with us by email: Service@nb-eastar.com, Eastar will try our best to provide you with professional support!

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Easy to use, strongly recommended!Tools facilitate my last steps of game printing.
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I followed the guideline to get my sample printed in exactly the way I expected. Thanks for the help!
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