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How The Most Popular Pieces in Frostpunk Are Made

Release Time: 2022.11.17     Clicks: 9274

Frostpunk is a survival-based board game set in the Industrial Revolution. Under the catastrophe of the sudden drop in temperature, the whole world is shrouded in ice. Players will play the role of leaders, lead their citizens to survive, build infrastructure, maintain civilization, and so on. This is an extremely creative board game from Glass Cannon Unplugged, which is adapted from a video game and uses blue and white as the main color to create a magical ice and frost world. After Frostpunk gained a high reputation through crowdfunding two years ago, its new version has once again attracted the attention of many board game fans. When you lay out all the board game pieces on the table, the door to the world of Frostpunk opens instantly.

Through the corresponding introduction of pictures and texts on Kickstarter, you will be able to get detailed information about Frostpunk, especially the content of all the board game pieces it contains. And here, I will give you a detailed introduction to the production of some important board game pieces from the perspective of board game manufacturing.


The tiles of Frostpunk have different shapes, they are also required to be spliced and unfolded on the table. Therefore, the 2mm thick double-layer punchboards were chosen to make it, and the main structure is composed of CCNB and grayboard. The patterns on the surface of the punchboards are done by lithography and then processed by an embossing machine to get a linen texture effect. Among them, Eastar used a fully automatic embossing machine in this project and customized a unique embossed plate for it to produce. After the board game cardboard is finished, its die-cutting process is also divided into two steps. First of all, a fully automatic die-cutting machine is required for the first die-cutting of the median line. Secondly, when die-cutting finished products, it needs to be replaced with a semi-automatic die-cutting machine. In the early stage of manufacturing punchboard samples, adjusting the deviation of color bit pairing and testing the splicing edge were two major difficulties. Eastar finally reached our customer's standard through multiple adjustments of the dieline. After the tiles of Frostpunk are assembled, the pattern of each punchboard will form a continuous whole, which will also be used as a game board.


Wooden Board Game Pieces

I believe that almost all players who have learned about Frostpunk will like its upgrade wooden board game pieces. The wooden pieces in this board game come in not only different shapes but also a variety of colors. The production of each piece of wooden board game pieces has gone through a complete set of detailed processes from material selection, grinding, and coloring. The precise size of the wooden game pieces is firstly determined by a computer and synchronized to the machine for laser engraving. They are then machined with a tumbler to smooth their surface. During the grinding process, the most important thing is the control of time as the proper grinding time can produce the most consistent wooden board game pieces. Next, in the process of coloring the wooden board game pieces, roller varnish and heat transfer printing were used. At this stage, the unity of color especially cannot be ignored. Finally, in terms of quantity matching, it takes a lot of time and manpower for testing. During this period, Eastar carried out its entire inspection process through PSS, QAP, and three core meetings to ensure the integrity of each board game that is finally produced.


Generator Cube Tower

The most representative board game piece in Frostpunk must be the generator cube tower. Unlike ordinary miniatures, it has more practical use in the game. Because of this, its internal structure is a very special design. In terms of materials, it is different from the PVC material commonly used to make miniatures, and it chooses ABS material. In addition, some small game pieces in the generator cube tower need to be realized through professional retouching and mold adjustment in terms of pattern details, and finally through trial matching to ensure that they can be used with the generator cube tower normally. Eastar uses a whole piece of copper mold to make the generator cube tower, which is an important factor that directly leads the generator cube tower huge and beautiful.


Currently, Eastar has sent the first mass production of Frostpunk to our customers. According to the media website, many players who have received Frostpunk are very satisfied with its quality of it. At the same time, we also saw board game experts praise Frostpunk through YouTube videos. Especially in the video of Gaming Rules!, they mentioned that the punchboards in Frostpunk made by Eastar are of top-notch quality. Eastar is very happy to receive such feedback, and also looks forward to the friends who receive Frostpunk board games in the future to give more comments on our board game manufacturing. Eastar will continue to work hard on the production of punchboards and will continue to improve the quality of board game products to make our finished board games closer to the appearance of it in the minds of our customers.

Eastar is honored to be the manufacturer of Frostpunk, and we would like to thank Glass Cannon Unplugged for choosing Eastar. We will continue to improve and prove ourselves and keep up with the board game designers in board game manufacturing. Eastar will also strive to produce more top-quality board game products that keep pace with the times. Looking forward to having more cooperation with Glass Cannon Unplugged in the future. If you also have creative board game inspiration, feel free to contact us. If you want to know more, Please Click.

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Great team to make the best board games! High manufacturing quality of the game components.
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