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What Do You Think is The Most Creative Board Game Component

Release Time: 2022.11.15     Clicks: 5543

With the improvement of the modern board game system, the board game has become a concrete concept for us. As a new content, its development speed cannot be ignored. As more and more board games continue to innovate in design, almost every board game project can find its characteristics. This is not only the innovation in the design of the game mechanism but also the innovation of the board game components. More and more board games are starting to use high-quality, unusual board game components. ISS Vanguard,  has unique creativity in the gameplay mechanism and is amazing in the pattern and color matching of the board game, and uses Planetary Scanner, Section Pets, Binder, Sleeves, and other ideas in the components of the board game. In addition, in the board game Marvel Dice Throne, to facilitate the storage and use of dice and other game components, a distinctive collapsible dice tray is designed. There are also cardboard boxes used for voting in each round in Escape the Night, and stander masks made of cardboard in Etherfields. And 3D maps are used in some board games such as Nova Aetas: Renaissance and DnD or their expansions etc.

1111111_画板 1.jpg

Next, we'll take a closer look at some of the creative board game components you'll need to use in your board game design. From the perspective of game cards, not all cards are entirely made of paper materials, such as 3D cards and scanning cards. The 3D card made by Eastar mainly chooses PS material. It can show different patterns through the angle we look at the card and the refraction of light. In addition, the scanning card in Nemesis is also made of a combination of paper cards and transparent plastic sheets. When we get a special card, the scanning card can scan out the hidden characters.

Looking at some plastic board game components, there can be tokens of various shapes and colors, as well as acrylic punchboards and so on. Among them, there are various rose-shaped tokens in Black Rose War, which not only embody the theme of the board game but also an indispensable game component in your game times. In addition, in the board game Freedom Five, you can also see transparent, standing, and hero-like tokens. I believe these exquisite tokens made of plastic will be able to greatly upgrade your gaming experience.

Of course, there are more creative board game components made of other materials. Such as metal dice, wooden boxes, leather boxes, and so on. In modern board game components, designers use creative game mechanics and patterns to complete their games, and Eastar, as a manufacturer, is committed to making these design inspirations with better materials and craftsmanship. It can be said that this is a transformation process from two-dimensional to three-dimensional, and it can also be said that this is a process from dream to reality.

What other unique board game components do you know of? Or what else do you want to know about Eastar manufacturing? You are welcome to contact us anytime!

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The diversity of plastic game components are full of imagination, and well expressed the elements of game design.
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I would say the 3D cards and scanning cards are on my top favourite creative ones!
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