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What Poker Chips Will Bring to Your Board Game Design

Release Time: 2022.11.11     Clicks: 1014

The invention and use of poker chips was an important milestone in gambling culture. Julius Weintraub, a gambler who has been in Las Vegas for many years, has reflected on the importance of games and poker chips. "The guy who invented poker was bright," he said, "but the guy who invented the chip was a genius." In the absence of poker chips, gold in various forms is mainly used for wagering in casinos. Because they do not have a uniform quality for measurement, the fairness of a game has always been troubled. After the early poker chips appeared, they existed in different materials, including wood, ivory, bone, paper, and clay. Poker chips like the German Royal Flush Poker Set and the American-made Royal Poker Set, are famous and valuable. Also, as a representation of expensive game poker chips, they are highly collectible items, especially for many experienced gamblers. What can't be ignored is that they also spent a lot of thought on game manufacturing. Some of them chose heavy clay materials and the most advanced game manufacturing technologies at that time. Nowadays, the development of poker chips not only provides indispensable support for the board game accessories in ancient gambling games but also makes a non-negligible contribution to the development of modern board game manufacturing.

At present, more and more game designers are bringing poker chips into their creative games, especially some high-end quality board games. The application of poker chips can greatly improve the entire board game experience and develop more game modes. And the high-quality poker chips in the board game also need to check at each stage in the manufacturing process of the board game. There is no denying that the game-making process for a complete set of poker chips is similar to miniatures. They are first created by casting molds and then completed by foundry casting or die-casting to complete the overall poker chips shape and finally completed by coloring and polishing. But the difference is that since the poker chips are more of wagering during a game, its board game manufacturing process requires steps such as adding quality calculations or final stickers.


As a board game manufacturing company in China, Eastar currently has the complete machinery and game manufacturing process for making poker chips of various materials. In terms of materials, you can choose ABS, PS, clay, ceramics, etc. to complete according to your board game design requirements. Among them, different materials differ in quality, weight, and shape-shaping ability. At present, in the manufacture of board games, the PS is the most commonly used material, which is lighter than Clay and Ceramic, and its plasticity and hardness are also feasible. Another point worth noting is that the effect of the printing of the poker chip cannot be ignored. At present, Eastar can not only complete the manufacturing of board games with single-color finishes but also complete the manufacturing of board games with more color finishes. Of course, this is also based on the needs of your board game. Among the poker chips manufactured by Eastar, Burncycle is one of the most representative board games. A complete set of chips in Burncycle contains over 80 chips. It is made of PS material in different colors and has been precisely measured in terms of quality and weight.

If you need to use poker chips in your board games or have more questions about Eastar's game manufacturing in poker chips, you are welcome to contact us at any time. Learn More>

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Love the touchness of poker chips in Burncycle!
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I was inspired a lot by the various materies available to choose for designing my custom poker chips.
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