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What Kind of Board Game Playmat Looks The Most Luxurious

Release Time: 2022.11.08     Clicks: 1234

Generally speaking, the most important part of a board game is its game board, just like the map we need when we travel. Most game boards on the market today are made of printed cardboard. In the manufacture of paper game boards, the application of various processes makes game boards have more appearances, foldable, magnetized, spliceable, and so on. However, even if the paper game board adds more technologies to ensure its durability, it still easy to causes traces of use due to its hardness and multi-layer structure. Because of these multiple reasons, board game playmats have gradually begun to appear in some board game parts.

The biggest feature of board game playmats is that it has high plasticity. Compared to paper game boards, it does not have the problem of being broken. Not only that, but the board game playmats also have the advantage of a soft feel and convenient folding and storage. Usually, board game playmats are made of rubber and cloth. Among them, rubber is divided into natural rubber and synthetic rubber. The most commonly used in board game playmats is neoprene, which has a strong anti-aging function and can greatly increase the life of the board game playmats. For example, the board game playmat in Radlands, which is 2mm thick, is made of neoprene and printed fiber cloth. In the game, placing this board game playmats on the table can also play a non-slip effect. At the same time, it can also be used as a mouse pad. In some other large-scale board game parts, the game playmats are also used as expansions. Skyrim, for example, has a double-layered neoprene board game playmat in its expansion. And Flamecraft and Humblewood replaced paper game boards etc with fabric board game playmats.


The use of board game playmats can make the board game parts look more high-end, and at the same time, it is more convenient to use and store. Before it is considered for use in your board game parts, Eastar will also provide you with some disadvantages of the board game playmats below for reference.

First of all, due to the material and construction of the board game playmats, you can only print your creative pattern on the cloth. But no matter what fabric you choose to apply, its texture isn't as smooth as paper. As a result, the printed patterns are not as clear as paper game boards. Secondly, the cost of board game playmats is much higher than that of paper products, especially double-sided board game playmats. Therefore, if your need a large game board, you will need to invest a lot of money in it. Finally, you also need to consider whether your board game layout is suitable to be made of soft materials, especially for 3D game boards, soft board game playmats cannot be achieved.

If you have more questions about the manufacture of board game parts, please contact us in time. Eastar will provide you with professional, board game manufacturing-related information for your reference. Of course, you can also find the answers you want through the Q&A section on Eastar's official website. Please Click.

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That's a luxurious experience for playing board game with the playmat likes this!
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That's a luxurious experience for playing board game with the playmat likes this!
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