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The Metal Miniatures You'll Be Able to See in Some Board Games

Release Time: 2022.11.03     Clicks: 1358

Unlike plastic board game miniatures, metal miniatures will add more creativity to the production. The metallic texture will also add more character to your board game creation. Of course, due to the weight of the metal, it is not usually used as the main material for making a large number of miniatures in board games. However, more and more board game publishers would like to add metal miniatures to board game products as representative content, whether it is in the main project or the expansion. It can also attract more people to participate in the crowdfunding of board games. The most representative one should be the metal miniature sundrop in Nemesis, which is made of zinc alloy. Compared to plastic miniatures, it embodies more details and adds a sense of luxury. In addition, in the Eastar 2022 Creative Sample Box, this Nemesis metal miniature is also included as our sample. Hope it can bring you more design inspiration.


In the process of making metal board game miniatures, there are still some differences in the production process of metal miniatures and plastic miniatures. It is mainly because of different materials, so different techniques are required. All productions are completely done according to the 3D or 2D drawing provided by our customer. For 2D drawings, it will add a process of making muddy samples than 3D drawings. Next, after opening the silicone mold, you can choose two methods of foundry casting or die-casting to manufacture the finished metal board game miniatures. Finally, the surface treatment after the miniatures is completed, which includes three steps polishing, electroplating, and coloring. If the metal miniatures show a perfect color after electroplating, or if the customer only needs the miniatures in the primary color, then this step of coloring can be omitted.

Of course, there are many board game components made of metal, but the production process of metal miniatures will be more complicated. At the same time, to ensure that all the details are almost perfect, the final coloring part needs to pay more attention to the uniformity of the color blocks. Wondering if you are also interested in adding metal miniatures to your board games? Regardless, it's been popular nowadays. If you have more questions about metal board game miniatures, please contact Eastar in time. Looking forward to hearing from you on Eastar's website and email! Learn More>

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How to possibly order a small amount for the metal miniatures? It would help a lot for me to decide.
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Does it take longer time if I choose metal miniatrures in my board game components?
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