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All The Ideas That Plastic Miniatures Can Bring to Yours

Release Time: 2022.11.01     Clicks: 1295

More and more board games began to be arranged with a large number of board game miniatures. Especially in American board games, this feature is more reflected. In games like Nemesis, The Edge: Dawnfall v1.6, etc., miniatures can reach hundreds. They are important character stakeholders and iconic objects during gameplay. In the eyes of most board game enthusiasts, they are also a kind of collectibles. At present, the most used board game components on the market are mostly plastic materials. Among them, according to the difference in use and quality requirements, the two most commonly used are PVC and ABS. PVC is a material with high hardness, and it can also meet some high detail requirements, which is very suitable for the manufacture of some fixed-form miniatures of board games. ABS is a soft rubber material, and it can shape more details than PVC material, which is usually used for some larger board game components, it is not easy to break so it can increase durability.

First, Eastar will lay a good foundation for the making of board game miniatures by confirming resin samples. In most cases, we will use 3D modeling to complete the production of muddy samples. If our customers have additional requirements, we can also make muddy samples according to the 2D drawings provided by customers, or directly according to the samples provided by our customers to make by engraving. At this stage, Eastar insists on maintaining communication with our customers to achieve what they want as much as possible. Generally speaking, the average standard size of miniatures is 35mm. While the diameter of the base is about 25mm, it can also be PVC or ABS. The overhanging shape of the small parts on the miniatures must be larger than 1.2mm. If the weapon or dangling item exceeds 15mm, it is recommended to use ABS material. In any case, PVC is one of the most popular board game materials for some board game designers due to its high cost-effectiveness.

Black-Rose-Wars-Necrodragon                 23456_画板 1.jpg

After confirming the resin samples, you can proceed to the next step of making mold. Usually, Eastar will use cast steel molds to make. Next, detailed steps are required to complete the mold test and then produce miniature samples by injection molding. The finished samples need to be sent to our customers for further confirmation. During this period, it is also the most frequent moment for Eastar to communicate with our customers. We will patiently make further modifications according to the requirements of customers to achieve the final satisfactory result.

The last is mass production. And in the next, the first round of inspection will be carried out by manual grinding, and the unqualified products will be picked out. Multiple screenings are then performed during subsequent tests in an effort to achieve a 100% pass rate. In addition, the coloring is also divided into different types and can be colored according to the needs of customers to increase the artistic effect. Finally through the blister packaging and then shipped.

If you have more questions about Eastar's miniatures production process, you can click here to get more answers through the link. Or ask us through Eastar's official mail: Service@eastarboardgame.com. You can also learn more from the unboxing video of Eastar's 2022 VIP Sample Box by following Eastar's official YouTube.

Looking forward to hearing from you, we will do our best to help you bring your board game designs to life! 

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Agree with the idea that 3D modeling technology way better than the muddy samples.
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