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How Many Other Paper Board Game Components do You Know

Release Time: 2022.10.28     Clicks: 940

With more and more categories of board games now, it is difficult for us to define the content contained in board games fixedly. Especially for some American board games with multiple expansions. By some definition, the content of each board game is unique. For board game manufacturing, we need to provide our customers with the pieces that can be used in most board game accessories. For example, the necessary cards in the card game, the necessary dice in the dice game, and the necessary game board in the board game. Eastar can currently provide you with more and more samples of various accessories for board games. In the paper board game components, in addition to board game boxes, cards, chessboards, etc., there are also punchboards, rulebooks, and puzzles. In this article, you can get a further understanding of these game accessories. Not only that, but you can also directly feel their quality and craftsmanship through the Eastar 2022 Sample Box.

Punchboards in board games are widely used, and almost all irregular cardboard models need to be used. For example, tiles, and tokens in Frostpunk need to be spliced with punchboards of different shapes during the game. Another example is the masks in Etherfields, they need to be spelled standers to use. Generally, the punchboards are divided into two types: single-layer and double-layer. The thickness of the single-layer punchboard is about 2.2mm, while the double-layer punchboard is about 3.8mm. In game production, if a higher quality is required, it is more suitable to choose double-layer punchboards, which will have functionality. Many board games use magnetic punchboards. As an upgraded version of the single-layer punchboard, it needs to be equipped with a product with magnetic or iron-containing powder on the back as an adsorbent, which provides great convenience for board games. 

   1701678291143707.jpg            1700812604486145.jpg                  1701069065810546.jpg

In addition to punchboards, the production of rulebooks, scorepads, and artbooks is also an integral part of board games. In addition to paper, these are more important for binding and printing. Usually, the binding methods of rulebooks in board games are divided into saddle-stitching, folding, or spiral binding. For rulebooks with fewer pages, saddle-stitching is more appropriate. For thicker rulebooks, glue, wire, or hard packs are all suitable. In addition, it is also a good choice for the rulebook bound by the coil book. If the book cover is dark, to prevent scratches, it is recommended to use an anti-scratch film, which can not only significantly improve the appearance but also improve the quality.

Although puzzles cannot be divided according to conventional board games, from the definition, they always belong to tabletop games. Of course, puzzles occasionally appear in some German board games as part of board game accessories. It is mainly composed of three parts, namely white cardboard, CCNB, and greyboard. To ensure correct die-cutting, the die-cutting line of each puzzle should not be less than 3mm, and each puzzle should preferably be larger than 20x20mm to ensure the quality of each process and quality. Likewise, the use of a laminated finish on the back of the puzzle is not recommended.

In the manufacture of all board game paper accessories, the selected paper, printing, technology, etc. are customized according to your board game design needs. At the same time, the board game components of paper products are also environmentally friendly and have high plasticity. Eastar will do our best to create the look you expect in your board game design, and strive to become a board game dream maker. Also, look forward to our existing samples to add more inspiration to your board game creation. If you want to know more about Eastar, please click here.

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