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How to Make The Most Beautiful Game Boards

Release Time: 2022.10.26     Clicks: 1155

Throughout the evolution history of board game development, it can be briefly summarized as a transition process from tabletop games to board games. Just like its name, the game board is one of the core accessories of a board game. As far as many large-scale RPG board games are concerned, maps and character plates are indispensable content. For example Nemesis, Etherfields, Tainted Grail, etc. Not only that but there are also many early board games that designed the game board as the main accessory of the board game, such as Ludo. It can be seen that the board is more like the heart of a board game and having a completely flat board, high-quality feel, and well-designed patterns can add a lot of value to a game. Here we will introduce the main board made of cardboard in board game accessories, hoping to bring more inspiration to your board game design.


The board game boards that Eastar can make are also mainly divided into two types. One is single-sided, it is made up of 157gsm C2S, 1200gsm Greyboard, and 157gsm Special Paper. Because of its thin board, it can be used to make a folded game board. The multi-folded game board is easy to store and unfold for use. And the other is double-sided, consisting of 157gsm C2S, 1200gsm Greyboard, and 157gsm C2S. Because it increases the thickness, it is usually used in accessories such as character disks, applicable three-dimensional maps, and board game maps that do not need to be folded. Since the size requirements of each board game and the customization of the pattern are different, almost all the game boards on the substrate need to be customized. In the customization, the materials that can be selected for the finish of each game board are also different. UV coating, linen insomnia, lamination, etc. are often used. Also, if you have a dark background on the main body of your game board, a scratch-resistant coating is highly recommended to prevent problems like scratches on the game board surface.

The production process of a paper game board is divided into six steps: cutting, printing, surface treatment, die-cutting of face paper and grey board, laminating the leather shell, and finally die-cutting and molding. If you want your game board to become more delicate, it can also be hemmed, which will increase its thickness as well as its service life. In the inspection process after the game board is made, the most important thing is to consider its flatness of it after it is unfolded, and there must be no warping of the corners when it is flat. And there should be no delamination, cracking, breakage, etc. during use. Especially for a folded game board, its detection requirements will be higher, and as the number of folds increases, the probability of wear and tear will also greatly increase. Therefore, the fewer layers of game board fold, the better. Usually, after it is folded to the smallest board size, it is smaller than the outer box which used to store it, about 15mm smaller than the outer diameter of the box. The maximum size of the unfolded game board design should be within 600*1000mm. If it exceeds this size, more expensive manual processing costs will be required.

That's all the information about paper game board making. In addition, materials such as flannel and leather can also be used in the production of board game chessboards. Please look forward to the related content of Eastar News later.

If you are looking for a game board manufacturing, Eastar hopes the information above will give you the help you need. If you need more game board inspiration, look through the Eastar 2022 sample boxes too. If you want more information about the manufacture of board games and game boards, please contact us through the official website.

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How can I custom the game board? Still in the process of designing and hard to make decision yet.
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Very beautiful game board! The thickness and weight provide the best touchness!
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