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Everything You Want to Know About Eastar's Latest Developments at Essen Spiel 2022

Release Time: 2022.10.08     Clicks: 8730

In the blink of an eye, the Essen Spiel has entered its third day. In the past two days of this exhibition, Eastar warmly welcomed every visitor who came to visit. We are very happy to attract so many board game lovers and get their recognition of Eastar board game production. In the past two days, Eastar not only made more business partners, but also gained a group of friends who also love board games. Eastar is proud to be the first choice of another client who has raised potential 8M$ crowdfunding project. It is also an honor to be invited to attend the industry information exchange event with more than 100 CEOs from top companies in the board game industry. What makes us extremely happy is that, as a large-scale international exchange platform, Essen Spiel allows us to cross the line of communication and finally meet some of our old European friends!

Today, all Eastar members of the Essen Spiel will be present with a "customer-centric" approach. While the trials we faced never ceased, the enthusiasm of each of our members never waned. looking forward to meeting more friends who love board games, and looking forward to winning more customers. Eastar will start from the details, provide you with the most comprehensive sample reference as well as professional board game manufacturing advice, and welcome you to come.


Eastar was honored to be interviewed by the official Essen Spiel and reported in Hall 4 on YouTube. In this interview, our CEO David gave reporters a grand introduction to the projects that have achieved significant achievements in our sample display area. Eastar will continue to improve in future development and strive to perfect our role as a board game dream maker.

If you also have board game design inspiration, if you are also thinking of turning your board game design into reality, Eastar will be a good partner. Of course, if you still have some questions about the manufacture of board games, or want to get inspiration for manufacturing, Eastar will answer your questions from a professional point of view. Are you also in Germany? Do you also love board games? Eastar will be waiting for you at Booth 4A117.

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