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Hopefully, you're ready to open this invitation

Release Time: 2022.10.06     Clicks: 6683

It is finally October, and the upcoming Essen Spiel is getting closer and closer. Eastar's preparations for this international event are also coming to an end, and we will meet you soon!

Unlike the days before 2020, some international trade exchanges now seem to have hit the pause button since the coronavirus outbreak. Eastar is also facing such a challenge. We are eagerly looking forward to meeting with overseas customers, and we have always maintained a cautious attitude to strictly abide by international epidemic prevention measures. In such a situation of many obstacles, it is not easy for us to go out of China to the destination countries.

The so-called obstacles have always been unable to overcome Eastar's yearning for this international event. Even though the visa was rejected, again and again, the carefully prepared materials were modified again and again in terms of transportation methods, we were forced to spend 3 days on the itinerary that originally only took one day, and many other unknown accidents, etc... All of these are testing us all the time.


Eastar has always been adhering to the concept of customer demand first, not forgetting its original intention, doing our best to make board games well, and becoming an eligible dream maker of board games. Although we don't know how many people will see Eastar in this exhibition, and we are not sure whether Eastar will become the first choice of customers. But Eastar, who are committed to becoming the leader in the board game manufacturing industry, will continue to grow and progress, and do our best to achieve goals!

In the future, Eastar needs to practice the following three points. First, we will cherish every order and complete every project with the highest quality assurance, no matter how big or small. Secondly, we will double protect every customer. The soul of board game design comes from you, and Eastar will connect them to reality in the most professional way. Last but not least, we will be proud of our customers and make them proud of us through unremitting efforts and achievements!

If you are also in Essen, and looking for a board game maker in China, welcome to talk with Eastar at booth 4A117. We will have enough enthusiasm and confidence to give you professional production advice!

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