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3 Levels That Can Lead You to Recognize The Dice in Board Games

Release Time: 2022.09.09     Clicks: 1488

As the creators of board games, board game designers make more and more distinctive board games emerge in an endless stream. At the same time, the design of various accessories used in board games has gradually become dazzling. To a certain extent, the oldest and earliest types of board games we can think of are nothing more than card games and dice games. According to archaeologists, round holes suspected to be dice scoreboards in Central America are about 5,000 years old. This is the earliest historical evidence of human gaming activity ever found. Craps is the first well-documented game in human history. Dice games are a game that mainly promotes development based on dice. For example, the earliest dice games such as Ludo and Monopoly are simple, interesting, and full of excitement brought by chance.

In the design of board games, the main use of dice is as a "random number generator", the purpose of which is to reflect the moments that are difficult to grasp in the real situation. Dice play a different role in each game. In war-type board games, dice show the randomness of "battle". What you can control is never all, but you can control the type and number of dice. For example, Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon uses the chance of dice to let the player decide the direction of the game situation. In worker placement board games, dice can be divided into various types and used as iconic board game accessories, such as ISS Vanguard and so on. In some RPG board games, dice can also be used as the main body of the board game to promote the development of the game. Just like Dice Throne, it is a fast-paced dice battle board game, which uses dice to substitute characters into battles and is suitable for many types of battles.


When it comes to the shape of the dice, from the two-sided dice similar to a coin, to the ancient cylindrical dice, to the most common regular dice in board games today, it has experienced more than 3,000 years of development. A regular polyhedron is a regular polygon in which all faces are congruent, and all polyhedral angles are congruent polyhedral angles. There are only five regular polyhedra in the world: the regular tetrahedron, the regular hexahedron, the regular octahedron, the regular dodecahedron and the regular icosahedron. The world's earliest regular hexahedral dice, and the regular icosahedral dice that appeared after Alexander conquered Egypt, the other three appeared after the game "Dungeon and Dragon" was born. Also, there are many other types of dice known as xenomorph dice. This includes other multi-sided dice, as well as some uniquely designed rotating dice. Currently, a complete set of dice on the market includes seven: a four-sided dice, a six-sided dice, a eight-sided dice, a twelve-sided dice, a twenty-sided dice, and two ten-sided dice. If you want to know the role of each type of dice in practice, the board game Dungeon and Dragon will be a good choice.

Resin-Dice           Metal-Dice

Eastar can complete various materials and types of dice, and we will make them strictly according to your customized requirements, and try our best to achieve the effect of the design drawing. As far as the current customization requirements of board games are concerned, resin dice are one of the favorite options of many customers, and injection-molded transparent resin dice can improve the visual presentation effect. It is made of transparent acrylic material and finished by injection molding process. During the production process, the plastic model, gold foil paper, leaves, petals, etc. are placed in the middle, and finally the effect of being able to look directly at the inner filling is presented. In the production process, it has gone through the steps of silicone mold making, injection molding, grinding, polishing, engraving, cleaning and so on. Each step requires a high degree of cooperation between the use of machinery and manual labor, especially the grinding stage, which is completed by hand. If you want to put the iconic logo of the board game in it, it can help you achieve that too. Compared with other types of resin dice, it is more ornamental and promotional on the basis of being used as a dice. Of course, if you need dice of other materials, please click.

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