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How Many Wooden Board Game Components Can Eastar Make

Release Time: 2022.09.06     Clicks: 2065

If you are a board game lover, what kind of board game parts appeals to you the most? Is it a game mechanism design with a strong sense of suspense? Or an unpredictable pattern design? Or make exquisite board game parts? Next, I will share the common wooden game pieces with you. Of course, compared to board game accessories such as cards and dice, the universality of wooden board game components is indeed unmatched. But in quite a few Eurogames, it is still an iconic game accessories. As for the wooden parts in various board games, the main difference is in design, the materials used, and the painting manufacturing process. As a board game supplies, Eastar can currently manufacture most types of wooden board game pieces. In terms of material, you can choose the most typical beech, pinewood, birch, MDF, and so on. If you need other special materials, we can also help you find them. In manufacturing techniques, there can be laser cutting and computer cutting. Excellent cutting equipment caan ensure that the shapes of various wooden board game components meet the standard, and can also achieve the best utilization of the wood through accurate calculation. For wooden board game accessories, the most direct presentation is the printing part on the surface. The printing process is also divided into heat transfer, UV coating, silk screen, and so on. Different printing processes will be selected according to the different wood and custom needs.

Compared with American board games, German board games have a higher probability of using wooden board game pieces. Especially for worker placement board games, most worker placement board games often use a large number of wooden board game accessories such as chips or markers. They use different shapes and different colors to represent different things. For example, in Frostpunk board game parts, the white tree-shaped tokens represent trees covered by heavy snow, the black-gray squares represent coal blocks, and the people of different colors represent the roles of different types of work, etc. And through placement, these images will be better explained in the game. For Flamecraft, another worker placement board game, its wooden board game pieces are made more vivid, not only in the customization of shapes but in the performance of patterns. The different work of the little fire dragon is represented by different wooden board game components such as diamonds, leaves, medicine bottles, etc., and the color system corresponds to the cards and art books. In addition, The Great Wall also has a lot of wooden board game pieces. It features colors to distinguish its factions, and different shapes to record the activity status of each game stage.


Unlike most plastic board game accessories, wooden board game components are environmentally friendly and have better coloring effects, but their detailing effects will be relatively poor. Therefore, board game parts of different materials have their focus. As a professional board game parts manufacturing supplier, if you choose wooden board game accessories and want to make it as refined as possible, of course can Eastar do. In the Black Rose Wars expansion, you'll see carved wooden bowls. It's carved and painted to bring its rose logo to life. If you want to know more custom board game parts, click here.

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Does Eastar provides external box for storage of wooden pieces of the board game?
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Impressed by the diversity of colors and shapes from those wooden components, must be a great asset adding into the board game design.
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