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Welcome Eastar's American President

Release Time: 2022.08.19     Clicks: 346

This August, we have good news that Eastar America is established. In May of this year, we established Eastar Europe in Paris, France, which provides favorable conditions for Eastar to communicate closely with our European customers. In recent years, due to the impact of the global coronavirus, the communication between Eastar and customers is only online, which is far less efficient than face-to-face communication, and Eastar expects to bring our customers the best communication experience. Therefore, the establishment of Eastar America is an essential step, and it will further promote the process of Eastar's globalization. With the popularity of Ameritrash, America has gradually formed a large board game market, and there are many creative and unique board game designers. There are a variety of innovative board game themes, and some are evolved from video games, comic books, and reality TV shows. Such as Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood of Venice, Freedom Five, Escape the night, etc. The establishment of Eastar America will continue to lay the foundation for Eastar's global development and facilitate close and effective communication between Eastar and our American customers.


Eastar is proud to have Johanna Sadkovich as our American president. In the field of board games, she is a senior manager and an excellent marketer. Not only that, but she also has unique ideas in the field of design innovation and brand development. Eastar will especially look forward to more new opportunities for Eastar America under her leadership.

We are about to establish an Eastar America office in America. Like the Eastar Europe office, the establishment of the Eastar America office will also be an important milestone in Eastar's development blueprint. We will also establish an exhibition hall here to provide a convenient and effective way for all friends who are interested in Eastar to get to know us and understand our board game manufacturing capabilities. At that time, Eastar will sincerely welcome your visit.

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