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Some Surprises You Don't Know About The ISS Vanguard

Release Time: 2022.08.12     Clicks: 1113

Eastar was delighted to hear from Awaken Realms has received the shipment from Iss Vanguard. Eastar is also perfectly looking forward to this product. When we just received the order from Awaken Realms, we began to be surprised by its rich board game components. After learning about its game mechanics and the design concept of patterns, we all admire its huge production investment. The richness of Iss Vanguard is not only in the attractive game theme but also in its graphic color scheme. Unlike the dark series of Nemesis, Iss Vanguard fully shows the clear sky scene in the cosmic environment.

In addition, in the game settings, humans have become the masters of the universe, and all kinds of high-tech resources are available, as if in an ideal world. Eastar is even more eager to make this board game well for our dear customers, especially after learning that it has nearly 5 million dollars in crowdfunding on Gamefound. Learn More >

Although close communication with our customers has been hampered by the impact of the global coronavirus, Eastar is still actively looking for solutions to all problems that arise. After the efforts of various departments, our manufacturing results are finally presented in a way that is closest to the needs of our customers. Not only that, but our CEO David also attaches great importance to this cooperation project, hoping to maximize the win-win effect and to let fans of Iss Vanguard get a good game experience. 



In the design of Iss Vanguard, there are many creative board game pieces, including Planetary Scanner, Binder, and Card Sleeve. While Eastar makes these board game parts, we also appreciate the uniqueness of these designs. We expect more board game fans to enjoy them, so we've included them in our Imperials Sample Box when we update our 2022 sample boxes. Eastar will meet you at Booth No. 4A117 in 2022 Essen Spiel. At the same time, we will also bring a product catalogue that fully introduces Eastar and our samples, which will present these creatively designed board game components one by one. Eastar will continue to learn and improve in the field of board game manufacturing, and looks forward to helping more excellent board game designs become reality in the future!

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ISS Vanguard is a masterpiece of game, so creative and well designed.
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