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How Will The Product Catalog Be In The Future

Release Time: 2022.08.10     Clicks: 742

In recent years, under the environment hindered by the coronavirus, Eastar still has continued to make progress in the field of board game manufacturing and has flexibly applied some new techniques to make board game pieces. All along, we have not done a good product catalogue, and many customers' perception of our products is based on oral or written communication. We know this is not a friendly way to communicate. To give our customers a clearer understanding of Eastar and our product experience range, production process, production advice and precautions, we have made this product catalogue. We have introduced the contents of the 2022 sample boxes in our past news, and our product catalogue has made more detailed explanations and upgrades on the basis of the sample boxes. Hope our product catalogue can provide more convenience for all customers who want to know about Eastar.


The product catalogue will give you a comprehensive introduction to Eastar and all kinds of information related to the manufacture of board game accessories, which mainly contain two general aspects. On the one hand, is the company profile of Eastar. It includes the global development trends of Eastar, our customers, some of the excellent board game projects we produce, our factory manufacturing environment, various machines, relevant qualification certificates, quality control processes, and so on. In this section, we hope to give you a clear portrayal of your future partners. On the other hand, is the presentation of various samples produced by Eastar. In this section, we have introduced a total of 26 categories. Of course, if you have board game accessories that you want to produce that are not in our catalogue, please click, so that we can help you with your project matching. Among these 26 categories, we will display them from three levels: material, suggestions, and special notes. For example, miniatures will be listed as both plastic and metal types. We will point out the attention and size requirements for each type of production in the recommendations and will mention the technical characteristics of Eastar to make them in the special notes.

We hope our product catalogue can really help our customers. For a period of time, we conduct research in the factory every day and ask our production managers, technical managers, quality managers, and other production personnel to study, summarize and verify, to obtain more accurate information. To achieve a better visual effect, we also tried various color schemes in the design of the catalogue. In the end, black and white will be the main combination, and the title will be displayed in Eastar's VI green. Of course, all samples selected in our product catalogue are used for publicity with the consent of the board game designers and copyright holders. In the end, I sincerely hope to meet you at No. 4A117 Booth of the 2022 Essen Spiel from October 6th to 9th, and present to you a better Eastar.

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The catalogue provides a comprehensive introduction for the board game accessories from Eastar.
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Appreciate the product catalog a lot, pdf download is available once you contact and received the download password https://www.eastarboardgame.com/Custom-board-game-tools/
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