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The Truth About Eastar Sample Boxes In 2022 Is About To Be Revealed

Release Time: 2022.08.01     Clicks: 635

Thank you very much to Chris from the Entro Games platform for his evaluation of the old version sample box of Eastar. We have diversified and upgraded the sample boxes for 2022, and we look forward that our efforts could be seen by everyone.


In the design of the sample box for 2022, we have made three versions, namely the VIP Sample Box, the Deluxe Sample Box, and the Imperial Sample Box. The samples included in each sample box are excellent board game products designed by our customers and manufactured by Eastar. Before they became our samples, we had communicated with their designers and copyright holders and was authorized to agree to publicize and use them.

The VIP Sample Box will be the most representative of these three sample boxes, which contain the most common board game parts. Whether it is a card game or board game, most of these types of board game accessories will be used. The design of its outer box is a paper magnet box matched by Eastar's VI green and natural wood hues. We chose the magnet box because it has the most convenient opening and closing method, which provides convenience for players to organize board game accessories. You will open the sample box from the right side. The first thing you will see is a VI green game board folded into the same size as the outer box. It is made of two layers of C2S sandwiched between greyboard. Then there's the double-layer punchboard from Etherfields that is used as mask standers. Further down is the superimposed three-layer blister. After being fixed by blister, not only can each sample be clearly displayed in the positive form, but also can greatly reduce the loss during transportation. The first and second floors hold various types of cards, die-cut cards, and wooden components. The cards include seven types, all of which are unified Eastar customized patterns, with different sizes and material types. It will allow you to compare various regular-sized cards. The die-cut card is from Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon. I believe this is a famous board game that many board game fans will be familiar with. It is made of C2S and greyboard superimposed. In the third layer, there are six kinds of plastic miniatures with different coloring techniques. They are all made of PVC or ABS materials, and some of them also use the sundrop process. By comparing, it will be easier for you to choose which material to use for your miniatures. The dice are an important board game part that drives the game in most board games. There are three different materials and colors of dice, as well as custom metal coins. The VIP Sample Box will showcase Eastar's board game manufacturing with various materials and craftsmanship, and we hope they can provide a reference for your board game design. Sample-Box-2022.jpg

Contrary to the VIP Sample Box, the Deluxe Sample Box will mainly include some unique board game products. In this sample box, Eastar chose black leather as its custom outer box material. And it will be matched with the Eastar logo and slogan printed with a hot silver process. Its box lid is connected to the box body, and its interior is a multi-layer structure in a stepped display. When the box lid is opened, the contents of each layer can be seen. Eastar's original intention for designing this box was to make it both a storage function and a display function. Most of the samples are the types of accessories that are rare in most board games, and some of them are tailor-made by our customers for a specific board game. You will only use the same series of board games. It is used in this game, such as Nemesis's scanning card, which is specially set up to detect contaminated cards in the game session. The Deluxe Sample Box is opened from the front, then you will see three layers of content, and the reverse side of the box lid will use a list fixed by a transparent sleeve. The first layer collects two special cards and three types of dice, among which the cards are the scan card from Nemesis and the planetary scanner from ISS Vanguard, which are exclusive accessories that play a special role in the game. The three types of dice are divided into one metal dice and two resin dice. The customized hollow metal dice are conventional six-sided, while the resin dice are tetrahedron and hexahedron respectively, and are completed by injection molding process. On the second layer, five samples of wooden box, dice tray, magnetic board, metal miniature, and deck holder are placed. Among them, the magnetic board and deck holder are all added with magnets. For the magnetic board, the bonding of the magnets can make it more convenient to use and store, and for the deck holder, the magnet's lid and the hollow design can not only facilitate its opening and closing but also provide convenience for players to find the cards they need. Also, the metal miniature made of zinc alloy is a highly collectible design from Nemesis that you will be able to perceive by its luster as well as its weight. The last layer has four types of board game accessories: poker chip, 3D card, acrylic tile, and punchboard. Not only as you can see in the sample, but in production, each of them has a corresponding thickness range that can be completed. You will be able to use these samples to judge whether you need them in your board game design and what thickness is more suitable. I believe Deluxe Sample Box will bring different inspirations to the design of your board game.


If you are willing to have a more comprehensive understanding of our production capabilities, Eastar will prepare the Imperial Sample Box for you. In the Imperial Sample Box, not only all the contents of the VIP Sample Box and the Deluxe Sample Box are included, but also some new special board game products will be added. Among them are the card sleeve and binder from ISS Vanguard and the cube tower in Frostpunk. These contents use new designs and techniques, while also being practical. Eastar would like to prepare custom large corrugated boxes for this sample box, I believe that no matter which box you open, it will present you with rich sample contents, please click.

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