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How Many Attractive Designs Are in Essen Spiel 2022

Release Time: 2022.07.28     Clicks: 1008

This year is the third year of the global outbreak of coronavirus, and the third year that Chinese trade overseas has pressed the pause button. In the past three years, Eastar has been continuously learning and growing and has been deeply engaged in quality and technological breakthroughs. We look forward to the haze dissipating and introducing the new Eastar to everyone. At the beginning of 2022, we reopened the window of dialogue with the world trade again and signed up for Essen Spiel 2022. As of today, our exhibition preparations have reached the mid-stage. Looking back on the past, every step Eastar has advanced is to guide the overall exhibition preparations through clear process standards. Every affirmation obtained is the driving force for us to keep moving forward with high standards.  

In the early stage of booth design, we collected hundreds of design styles, experienced dozens of brainstorms, and designed more than ten kinds of exhibition design schemes. These exhibition plans, each of them is prepared in strict accordance with our exhibition reception process. Whether it is the reception area, negotiation area, sample display area, reception area, group photo area, drinking area, and lottery area, we have carried out a strict design process review process. Eastar has always adhered to the novel and innovative design concept insisted on the principle of high standards, and finally selected the following design plan.


In this design, the main feature for us is to maximize the space utilization of our entire booth. First of all, the openness of the 100-square-meter space is enhanced by the passable design of three sides, which will provide greater convenience for exhibitors to enter our exhibition hall. Secondly, in the color matching, the deep black is perfectly integrated with our VI green, not only using gradients but also using the contrasting colors of lines, which will enable our VI colors to show a clearer halo when blended with the black and the lighting effects. In addition, the consideration of details is also one of the key points. According to our plan, the continuity between each area is indispensable. In the design, we also consider the reception process in the design orientation of the booth.

At the same time, Eastar also experienced many problems before finalizing the design. The first is the choice of design companies. We have screened many design companies, each of which has its characteristics. Some of them have done a good job in designing solutions, but they have inefficient communication and slow feedback; Some have good service attitudes and good design, but their prices are very high.

The second is the rising material prices. We went through a lot of price struggles and considerations due to the ever-increasing cost of materials, but we compromised on the final presentation. For example, you can see the design of our VIP conference room. Within the scope allowed by the venue, we have controlled the sound insulation effect, temperature, and humidity to bring you a better and more comfortable experience as possible.


In addition to the careful selection of booth design, we also pay attention to the details of all aspects of the planning and arrangement of this exhibition. By successively producing the exhibition preparation SOP, the exhibition preparation schedule, the exhibition material preparation schedule, the exhibition preparation material list, etc., to make detailed planning for all aspects of the exhibition schedule. Eastar expects that in the course of this exhibition, it can not only ensure a new visual experience for exhibitors, but also make detailed arrangements for each step of the itinerary, and prepare solutions for various problems that may arise.

Eastar will always keep running in the field of board game manufacturing, integrating innovation and technological breakthroughs into future board game manufacturing. Learn More>

Dear friends, we are looking forward to meeting you at Booth No. 4A117 in Essen Spiel 2022, Germany from October 6th to 9th, and we will go to the sea of stars that turns your game design into reality.

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