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What Would You Do If You Became a Superhero

Release Time: 2022.07.22     Clicks: 540

Heroism is probably a theme that many people have been exposed to since childhood. While learning about justice, we will also fantasize about becoming a superhero in an animated movie, and from then on, we will go further and further on the road of saving our companions and saving the world. In modern film works, we are also very easy to come into contact with superheroes, such as Batman, Spiderman, and so on in the Marvel series. For many people, when they grow up, although they no longer believe in becoming a superhero as they did when they were children, the dream of heroism is still intensified in their hearts. In the current board game field, there are also many heroism-themed board games to choose from. Freedom Five is a board game with a representative superheroism cooperative mode. Its entire game screen is presented in the style of American comics, and the background is based on sentinel comics. For Freedom Five's game designes Richard Launius, this is undoubtedly an interesting and brand-new board game design experience. Because it has an opposite design routine to the Americancomic IP game. It was not adapted from an already published comic book but was entirely tailored by the designers to the theme of Freedom Five. For players, it may be difficult to understand the full storyline before the game, but it is interesting that during theexploration of the board game, you will find more interesting fragmented plots to expand the entire storyline. Therefore, the suspense will also be one of the most important motivations for your gameplay in Freedom Five.  

The entire board game process of Freedom Five will also follow the comic book instructions to complete. Players will take on the role of superheroes in protecting and saving their city: Megalopolis. Rewards or punishments are obtained through a series of battles, thus affecting the development of the entire game plot. In terms of combat mechanism, it includes turn-based game flow, card types, rolling dice for combat judgment, and linkage mechanism between blood volume and action points. From the perspective of the round of the game, it can be simply divided into three stages, namely the mortal stage, the hero stage, and the villain stage. You can also choose to play just a single scene from the campaign if you don't want to go through the entire board game storyline and take up too much of your time. In multi-action missions, the number of dice will often determine the outcome you will face. This may be lucky or it may be bad. But you can also avoid letting the game dice decide your fate by directly playing the skill cards in your hand. In addition, Freedom Five is indeed inseparable from the cooperative interaction between players. The differences between the characters determine the types of tasks they are good at. Therefore, by assigning tasks reasonably, the probability of defeating the villain leader will be greatly increased.


Theboard game components of Freedom Five not only have a rich variety but also include many expansions. This is undoubtedly a large-scale board game, and Eastar, as the game manufacturer of Freedom Five, has made a lot of efforts in its production. In the core box, all the board game parts can promote the game, including cards, tokens, meeples, as well as the essential rule books, map boards, etc. in most board games. As an American board game that relies on cards to drive the game, Freedom Five has a wide variety of custom game cards to be expected. It contains nine types of custom game cards, which you will come across one by one during the game. To ensure the hardness and thickness of all cards, we choose high-quality 300gsm C2S according to the needs of customers and carry out the polishing finish. Its various custom tokens are colored and have bespoke shapes, some of which are made of paper and others are plastic. Especially because the corners of all custom cards and some board game tokens of Freedom Five are curved, to ensure the consistency of all card surfaces, a high standard die-cutting process is required in the production of these board game parts. In addition, there are dice of different colors, which can be convenient for players to distinguish in the game. It is worth mentioning that there are 13 large custom dice with special dimensions in the Freedom Five expansion, which are made of transparent resin material and made by an injection molding process, and add colored plastic fillers inside the sided dice template. These game dice are handcrafted, especially the edges and corners need to be finely sanded. Freedom Five also has special plastic miniatures expansion, not just unpainted character miniatures, but also an additional set of colored painted game miniatures. Plus, there are additional heroes' decks, an art book, custom card sleeves, standees, and an attractive board game blind box. You'll be able to see the unboxing video of Freedom Five in our Cases. Eastar looks forward to being recognized by more people. If you want to know more about Eastar's board game manufacturing process and materials, please click.

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If one element to choose for what I like most about the board game pieces in Freedom Five, it must be the custom dices which are distinguishable for players.
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Superhero dream since a kid, it's wonderful to experience in a board game now. BTW, like the expansion of all the game components in Freedom Five.
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