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How to Get People to experience Industrial Revolution

Release Time: 2022.07.15     Clicks: 4366

The Industrial Revolution was an epoch-making milestone in the development of European history, and that era was far behind. Have you also thought about: what would the entire European world be like if time could go back to that era? We can't experience that era, but if we are on another parallel earth, we also have the opportunity to experience a different world in the era of the Industrial Revolution. Frostpunk is a board game video production changed by the same name in the context of this era of parallel time and space. With city building as its main board game mode, it stumbled upon the unexpected arrival of the Ice Age, which resulted in the world at this time being equivalent to the end of the world. So the player will act as the leader of a small group of survivors to effectively manage the infrastructure and citizens within range. The ice age encountered in this board game world is also based on history. This is the global cooling event caused by the 1883 eruption of Krakatoa. Can you become a qualified leader to lead your people to survive in this harsh environment? In the board game arena of Frostpunk, every decision you make as a leader will directly affect the fate of your citizens, and you will also have to bear the corresponding consequences. So how will you decide to lead them? What choices would you make to survive in such an environment? Players will have to stockpile resources, collect refugees, and recall scouts and outposts before the storm arrives. Due to the need for heat in a cold setting, energy determines the level of development opportunities for each team. How to get yourself closer to energy will be a problem that leaders of each group must seriously think about. Therefore, in Frostpunk's board game design, the biggest board game miniature is the generator cube tower. It will stand at the heart of the map, around which we will bring a great battle for survival in a world of frost.

11111_画板 1.jpg

Frostpunk is an urban survival board game set in a disaster-type overhead scenario. Eastar, a Chinese board game manufacturing company, completed all its board game parts. Therefore, its overall painting style is based on simplicity and realism, and it seems to be a board game about movie production. The main colors used are icy blues and whites, especially on central boards, weather cards, and some tokens. The central boards, game boards, and some tokens are made from die-cut 2mm cardboard with a linen finish. There are mainly divided into two card deck dimensions, one is standard tarot card size (70*120mm), and the other is poker size (63*88). Most of the cards and game boards are mainly dark colors, which can bring the feeling of science fiction movies. At the same time, Frostpunk also has a lot of custom-shaped wooden markers, and they are painted in color to represent the physical objects in different scenes and environments. For example, white tree-shaped tokens represent snow-covered trees, black-gray squares represent coal lumps, and so on. In addition, for the tokens and pawns made of wood, the most important thing in production is that the grain of the wood cannot be affected by the painting, to ensure that all the wooden pieces are smooth. At the core of the entire board game map is the plastic generator cube tower. This tower requires not only the characterization of the external form and details but also the delicate symmetrical design of the internal structure. The distance between each of these tiny lines needs to be precisely calculated to ensure that the cubes can pass. In the board game expansion of Frostpunk, there are a lot of other miniatures, including buildings, citizens and automatons, etc. If you want to know more about Eastar board game manufacturing process, please click.

All of Frostpunk's custom board game accessories are manufactured according to high standards, both in terms of production materials and processes. Eastar, as Frostpunk's board game maker, expects it to be recognized by more players. At the same time, we also hope to cooperate with more excellent board game design projects. And then, we will follow the needs of customers to present the design of the board game in the most perfect way. Learn More>

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It's exceeding what I have expected to get from a board game, so fantastic to experience Industrial Revolution by playing a role to lead the unpredictable fate.
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