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How Etherfields is Going to Change Your Mind

Release Time: 2022.07.01     Clicks: 1828

As the saying goes, dreams at night are thoughts during the day. Many dream scenes that originate from our subconscious fantasies and also exist in real life. The so-called true and false are difficult to distinguish, and many times we will think that the scene in the dream once happened at a certain moment in reality. Conversely, some unbelievable scenes in reality are likely to be mistaken for us to be in a dream. The theme of dreams is also integrated into the board game, which is Etherfields, a board game that creates a surreal and artistic creation environment. In Etherfields, you will lose all your memories, even who you are. You'll be groping in the dark, searching, and piecing together a whole of yourself from the bits and pieces you find. In this world, everything is dark and illusory, and you will get a different experience with dream crawler in this world.


11112222_画板 1.jpg

You will be able to see from our cases that Etherfields has a wealth of expansion board game parts, and in the 5th player expansion, you can get a new character with extremely relevant cards and character miniatures. There is also an exclusive miniatures expansion box, from which you will get 20 sun drop miniatures. Next up are Etherfields' exclusive 5 card holders with magnets, each big enough to hold 100 cards. It's hollowed out throughout, and you'll be able to vaguely see cards inside through its slits. There are also various board tokens and plastic tokens with delicate patterns. Another expansion box has a large number of sleeves, which are of good quality to protect all cards and reduce wear and tear. The most important thing is the core box, which accommodates a large number of board game components and shows all the design inspiration through painting and color display. The first is the exquisite manual and foldable maps, tokens and masks of various colors, all the patterns seem to match the gist of the dream and are displayed in a weird, mysterious and abstract style. This is followed by miniatures in two colors, grey and gold, one unpainted, and one created with the sun drop process. Furthermore, there are a large number of cards with various functions, each card has a different pattern, and the main color is still black. In addition, there are wooden tokens and custom board game dice. It is worth mentioning that there are other expansions, including 4 metal keys and an art book with a hard shell. It has to be said that the Etherfields will definitely be included in one of the most collectible board games. 



Eastar is proud to be the maker of this board game and it has managed to deliver exactly what customers have come to expect. Special thanks to our old friend Awaken Realms for choosing to work with us. The biggest feature of Etherfields in board game manufacturing must be the card holders, we chose hard plastic to complete its production. And the process of adding a magnet to the connecting part of the cover and the body makes it more convenient to switch on and off. In addition, the whole holder adopts the hollow embossing process, which can not only ensure the proper size of the card, but also ensure that the lines of the entire holder are exquisite. Eastar has accumulated rich experience in the field of board game manufacturing, and looks forward to making ideal board game products for more designers in the future.

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Have played all the expansion version, and I'm so much into the scenery of this board game!
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