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Now is The Time for You to Know The Truth About The War in Renaissance

Release Time: 2022.06.27     Clicks: 1250

The Renaissance was a period of great cultural reform in Europe, and it began to spread from Italy. However, reform is inseparable from war. The story background of Nova Aetas Renaissance is the war between Rome and Venice during this times. As you can see from our cases, it is a three-dimensional mini board game. In addition to the flat floor with various situational patterns drawn on both sides of its map, all buildings and trees are in three-dimensional form, which can show the scene more realistically. Similarly, it is also a board game with a large number of miniatures, plus the content of the expansion parts has a full 90, which can be divided into heroes, Venice, Rome, monsters and so on. Other than that, its main parts are cards, envelopes and foldable hero boards. The printed patterns on these board game parts and all the cards are more realistic oil paintings, especially the characters, which use bright colors to outline the agile demeanor. The biggest feature of the character board is that it is not a simple cardboard, but consists of two parts: in addition to the card containing the hero information itself, there is a black foldable cardboard that is hollowed out in half. When it is folded, the cutout is just enough to reveal the range of information in the hero boards. Therefore, it can be used like an ordinary flat hero sheet, and it is also easier to place tokens and cards because of the thickness difference caused by the hollowed-out part. In particular, there is a horologium and a campaign map made of cardboard. Among them, the horologium is marked with the patterns and names of the twelve constellations, as well as Roman numerals, and its indicator center is shaped like the sun and can be rotated. Additional plastic board game parts include custom eight-sided dice and acrylic cubes and pins in six colors. The last thing to talk about is its rule book and campaign book. Compared with many other board games, it should have a lot of text, including 100 pages in the campaign book and 40 pages in the rule book, so you can get more information from it to understand the game mechanics of Nova Aetas Renaissance.


Now, after you know what Nova Aetas Renaissance is about, have you increased your interest in it? Of course, a good design needs to be accompanied by a high-quality manufacturing process. Only in this way can it better show the details of the design, increase the service life of the board game, and be more environmentally friendly. Eastar is proud to be the board game maker of Nova Aetas Renaissance and has done it to a high standard. The first is the choice of printing process. Because its overall painting style has the characteristics of realistic oil painting, and has a high demand for the expression of light and shadow, the degree of light and shade of each part needs to meet the printing standards. It can be seen that, except for the card part, all the three-dimensional maps and tokens require thick cardboard to complete. In the part of three-dimensional elements, the cutting of the opening of the connection point requires high precision of the die-cutting machine to ensure that it can be easily disassembled and reused. In addition to these board game components, other parts are also very delicate. Tokens are colored transparent cubes made of acrylic that look like crystals. The custom dice is printed on a white background with a gradient gray border to reflect the retro feel of the Renaissance. Eastar has a unique craftsmanship and a high level in the manufacture of miniatures, and can complete miniatures of all types and materials, which can meet clients requirements.

Eastar is delighted to be cooperate with Ludus Magnus Studio to complete Nova Aetas Renaissance. We will continue to make progress in board game manufacture and accumulate more experience. If you also have board game design inspiration, please don't bury it, Eastar will definitely help you realize your dream! In the future, Eastar looks forward to more opportunities to cooperate with outstanding board game designers, and will strive to become a global leader in the board game manufacturing step by step.

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Good design is a great asset to this board game, without the physical components it's hard to express the magical elements in Nova Aetas.
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The first thing impressed my is the three-dimentional design for the whole game, totally captivated by the magical atmosphere here.
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