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Never Underestimate the Influence of Black Rose in the Magic World

Release Time: 2022.06.24     Clicks: 1090

Do you remember the magical world from fairy tales? Or do you love Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit and more? In the field of board games, Black Rose Wars will take you into a new magical world. Maybe the core box of Black Rose Wars will be the one that can be recognized at a glance in most board games, because of its distinctive board game outer box. Unlike many board games with characters on the cover, it is a hand-painted rose with a magical style of black and blood. As you can see from the unboxing video, it is impeccable in both print and board game contents. Starting from the core box, you can see that the covers of the rule book and reference book have a retro pattern of rose. Among them, most of the play boards are mainly black, and there are six main colors of red, yellow, green, blue, purple and gray for matching. There will also be rose pins and instability tokens of these six colors, so each color is completely symmetrical and looks colorful as a whole. Then, the miniatures inside Black Rose Wars are unpainted. There are two main colors, silver and gold. The four play boards represent four different characters, and also have miniatures of their respective characters, and correspond to cards and tokens of different colors. The classification of cards can also be expressed by color, and all the scenes are in line with the theme of magic. However, the rose on the box cover is also ubiquitous as the logo of Black Rose Wars. In addition to the dazzling array of board game parts in the core box, other expansion boxes also contain rich and high-quality board game components. In the All-in Bundle, there are 6 wooden bowls with carved roses, which are used to hold plastic tokens and pins. And 6 plastic deck holders can hold a lot of cards. In addition to these board game parts for storage, there is also a very distinctive and beautifully drawn artbook. The most anticipated is hidden thorns, there are new characters with additional expansion and corresponding miniatures, various tokens and boards. In addition to this, in Crono you also get two new, uniquely shaped miniatures, as well as a new action card and boards. Of course, there are more expansions, including some cute green miniatures and cards.


As one of the best board game manufacturers in China, Eastar has accumulated rich experience in board game manufacturing. We are honored to be the manufacturer of Black Rose Wars. There are the following three characteristics of it. The first is printing, the pattern of Black Rose Wars is very delicate in color changes. The color of light and shadow, realistic buildings, etc., almost every small piece is a fusion and gradient of many colors. In order to ensure that the printing of each piece is without deviation, we choose a seven-color printing machine, and also have high requirements on the precision of the die-cutting machine. Secondly, it is the production of acrylic tokens and rose pins. These parts require manual grinding due to their sharp edges and corners. And because they are very small, it adds difficulty to the grinding process. Finally, Eastar has a good strength in the production of miniatures. The miniatures in Black Rose Wars have a lot of cutout details for a magical image. While this made the mold more difficult, we can see that we were still able to get all the details to perfection. At the same time, high-quality PVC material is also selected for the material, which is very suitable for making fine miniatures.

Eastar is making continuous efforts in the field of board game industry, step by step to improve its comprehensive production capacity. Our goal is to become a global leader in the board game manufacturing in the future! If you also have great board game design or board game fantasy, Eastar will have enough strength to be your dream maker and turn your inspiration into reality.

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Love the unlimited possibilities in Black Rose, you can win the game through different ways and gives you a new perspective everytime you play it.
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