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This Week's Top Stories about Magical Scenes in Board Game

Release Time: 2022.05.30     Clicks: 386

Altar Quest is a high fantasy Gothic horror inspired board game from Adam Sadler and Brady Sadler. The overall style of painting is full of the collision effect of realistic characters and magical scenes. If you have followed their past games such as Street Masters and Brook City, you will feel familiar. There is no doubt that this game also has a modular deck system, which is called MDS design. Its biggest advantage is that the game can be changed in thousands of combinations with a simple arrangement and combination. I believe that this design will definitely be loved by most players. Different from the same story, the MDS design makes every game full of surprises, and each mode can collide with different sparks. At the same time, another advantage of Altar Quest is the design of its dice rolling system. Unlike many games where bad luck directly leads to level failure, every failure here is the next success. So you can get useful information whether you succeed or fail. Even, you can promote character growth by taking control of success or failure.


About the mechanics of this game, we can learn about it through YouTube. In the game, each character draws 3 out of 8 kinds of cards, for a total of 24 cards in the deck. Therefore, this simplifies the learning process of the whole game, you can only know the cards in your own hand to be able to participate, but the players who need organize a group activity require full mastery of all aspects such as terrain and missions. In card learning, it has to be said that almost all cards have a lot of textual information. This is arguably the most frustrating part of the game, and it takes a lot of effort to learn the various rules. But the advantage is that knowing the rules accurately can make you more comfortable in various scenarios of the game and add more game experience. But to a certain extent, the reading and comprehension of the text will also lead to the lengthening of the game time. Altar Quest is weak at the story level, it only has a brief background introduction. Compared to board games that focus on rich storylines ( such as Tainted Grail ), Altar Quest may be more appealing to players who prefer exciting and adventurous games rather than those who focus on emotionally rich plot. But at the same time, it focuses on allowing players to find a solution for how to survive on an adventure, and even on many board game introduction sites, it is a difficult game with heavy strategy.

There are 211 minis in Altar Quest, neatly arranged in plastic board game cases. None of the minis we got were painted. If you want to make them prettier, you can choose the color you want to finish the painting in. The various cards, tokens and plastic rings made at the same time are also beautiful, with uniform colors and perfect printing. The selection of a variety of materials not only meets the safety and environmental protection requirements, but also ensures the quality that can be used repeatedly. As an excellent board game manufacturer in China, Eastar has carefully checked the assembly and quantity of each board game component while ensuring the quality of products. In particular, for some maps and game boards in board game products that need to be used repeatedly, we not only satisfy the customer's desired finished product effect, but also ensure the user's comfort. It is believed that with the accumulation of our board game production experience and the advancement of high-tech production equipment, we will manufacture products that are closer to customer requirements in the future. Eastar would also like to thank designers Adam Sadler, Brady Sadler, and Brand Director Scott Mcfall from Blacklist Games for their holiday wishes and good comments. Likewise, we are very grateful for the super game you designed, and look forward to creating more high-quality board game products together in the future!

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