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How to Get a Sci-fi Movie Experience in Nemesis Lockdown

Release Time: 2022.05.20     Clicks: 499

When the Mars work base received an urgent notice to transfer the sample, everyone began to have an ominous consciousness. At this time, an exclamation was heard, and it turned out that the laboratory had been completely destroyed. Exploding lab bottles, tangled cables, and flickering lights... It looked like something must have gone wrong. When they finally reached the sample room, everyone became nervous at the moment when the dark environment was illuminated by the flashlight. The container with "Nemesis" written on it is empty, and it is clear that the alien creature with the highest level of protection has escaped!

Does such a familiar scene make you immerse yourself in a movie theater showing a sci-fi blockbuster? However, this is a super popular board game that I will introduce to you next - Nemesis Lockdown. As a standalone expansion of Nemesis, it established a new independent field with the Mars Experiment Station as the background. And players as the staff of the Mars laboratory - "The Crew" are about to face a threat from their test items - "The Night Stalkers". The entire board game scene is divided into four areas and three layers, joined by 1-5 players, and takes about 90-120 minutes. This whole process of the game is inseparable from the cooperation between players. The difference is that you can choose the mode of pure friendly cooperation, or you can choose the mode of semi-cooperative suspicion with traitors. Compared with Nemesis, it has many changes. First, the entire environment is controlled by electricity, and the level of light and darkness directly affects the strength of Night Stalkers' actions and the results of event cards. The second is the change of life-saving methods, including the base bunkers, CCS escape cabins and isolation rooms, which need to infer their own survival methods by observing the actions of other players, and use your flexible brains! The third is the improvement of character abilities. Nemesis Lockdown strengthens the cooperative mode in the game, giving players more opportunities to kill monsters, which further improves the player's survivability and game experience. You can unlock more of its gameplay through YouTube videos. If you are a Nemesis fan, you must not miss Nemesis Lockdown.

It has to be said that Nemesis Lockdown has obvious characteristics of American board games, mainly because players will die at any stage of the game and then exit, which is very consistent with the setting of Hollywood sci-fi movies. It could be that your final research assignment was substandard, it could be that you didn't get to a safe place, or it could even be that you escaped to a so-called safe house only to find it dangerous. If you feel that the pure board game environment is still inferior to the gaming experience of playing computer games or even VR, then not necessarily! Nemesis Lockdown can be played with by downloading the APP, achieving stereo sound effects that linger in the ears and unlocking more fog mechanisms to increase the game experience.


As one of the best board game manufacturers in China, Eastar has also put a lot of effort into the production of Nemesis Lockdown. You can learn more about the product of this board game through our cases. First, use high-grade materials to build the quality of the product. Starting from the needs of customers, professionals will conduct a detailed evaluation of each board game accessories, so as to achieve the customer's requirements for the quality of board games to the greatest extent. Second, use the most advanced printing equipment to realize the design concept. In order to show its unique scene in Nemesis Lockdown, many detail settings also require a higher level of printing. Eastar has the best board game printer, providing technical support for high-quality, high-precision printing. Finally, our production workers carefully check the number of board game parts. It is undeniable that Nemesis Lockdown is very rich in board game components. In addition to the main four characters and 20 Night Stalkers, there are nearly 300 cards and other parts each. In order to achieve zero mistakes in the configuration of board game components, strict division of labor and cooperation is essential. 

Our partner, Martin of Awaken Realms, also gave highly marks of our board game manufacturers: a lot of things happened, a lot of problems were dealt with, a lot of amazing board games that we were able to produce, and I hope that it will stay strong will grow together. We will solve a lot of problems together and that together we'll bring a new standard of quality in the board game world. Here, we would like to thank Martin for his recognition of the quality of our products, and look forward to cooperating with more high-quality board game components in the future. If you want to learn more about our game poduction process, please click.  

Finally, let's wait for the results in the Nemesis Lockdown scenario. In the process of consuming the game situation card, you should be able to predict the unknown outcome to a certain extent. Is it safe to hide in an isolation room before the trigger ends? Or a mass destruction because too many explosions and fires were triggered? Or go to another event list after the alarm procedure ends? Congratulations to all the winners! It is also expected that all players can get the gaming experience they want in Nemesis Lockdown.

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